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4th round of clomid

Hi everyone, I hope xmas was great for you all.

I'm now on my 4th round of clomid. I'm starting to think if it didn't happen in the first three months then it probably won't in the next 3. you always hear about how it works 2nd or even first time for most people but never 5th or 6th. The consultant isn't going to up the dose either as according to my blood test results it's working at 50mg. She is happy for me to carry on for the next six months which is great but I can't help thinking I should have a scan or something just in case I'm bunged up somewhere!! Could I request a private scan? whp would I ask about paying privately for the treatment? would the consultant help?:\?

I should also say that I've been using a CBFM and it has showed ovulation on CD13/14 without fail for the last 3 months. i don't think me and hubby could BD anymore that we are without wearing the bed out!! lol..:lol:

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  • Hi sonpix

    I'm currently 11DPO on my second round and it doesn't look like it's worked, so I'm also starting to wonder if the third, sixth or tenth attempt will bring any different news... I'm also not sure how much more I can take of the horrific side effects I had on 100mg!

    Did you have any tests prior to being prescribed clomid? Where I am you have to have a hsg an oh has to have sa before they'll even consider starting you on clomid. You can only try asking the question of your consultant to see what they say. Have you been having follicle tracking scans or blood tests to confirm you've ov'd?

    Good luck with this round, hope it works for you. By the looks of it I'll be on round 3 next week so keep me updated on how you're getting on!

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