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Advice for a newbie?

Hi, i have posted something similar on theTTC page, but just wandered if any of you ladies could help? I've been TTC coming on a year now and no hint of a BFP. I have used OPKs and got my smiley face, 1st question - does this mean i'm actually ovulating? Get my smiley face around day 14 of a 25 - 29 day cycle. Don't get any EWCM but am def not dry mid cycle ( sorry TMI!!) Was thinking of getting a BBT thermometer and just wandered how this can help? Pretty much THINK i know when i ovulate (pains etc) but still no BFP and i don't understand! Any advise would be welcome. I am sorry you are all taking a long time TTC too.xx


  • HI Tinkerbelle,


    I know everyone has probably said it but it just takes some people longer... OPKs don't guarentee that you're ovulating - only that your body is trying - the only way to tell for sure is to get a blood test and the doctor measures the amount of progesterone in your blood on a certain day. When you reach 12 months go and see your gp and request some blood tests and a sperm analysis for your OH. But you could just be fine. Some perfectly normal couples take 18 months. You just have to scroll throogh a few pages of this forum to see how many bfps we have here and most of us have been going for more than a year.

    I wouldn't suggest charting temps if i were you - it won't do any harm but it won't let you relax and forget about it, in fact it'll give you a daily reminder and people keep telling me that babies come when they're not expected!

    Feel free to come on here whenever you like - sometimes it gets hard on TTC - i know, I often avoid it myself, as lovely as it is to see people with bfps it can get you down, esp when they have only just started!

    Keep your PMA and I'm sure you'll get your bfp soon.

    Rach x
  • Thanks Rach, i know your right but as you all know its just disheartening when it doesn't happen as quickly as you expect! As for not thinking about it, your right about that too! My friend had been TTC for 2 years and was about to start IVF within a month. She bought a puppy and got her BFP within that month! Just shows keeping the mind occupied with someting else really does work!! but easier said than done! Thanks for your reply and i hope you get your BFP really soon.xx
  • Hiya - if you're not sure if you're ov'ing and you aren't at the stage for blood tests yet, then personally I would recommend BBT charting, even if it's only for a month or so, just for the reassurance that you are ov'ing (or not), and then if you need to you can go to the GP.

    I didn't know I wasn't ov'ing for over a year and if I'd have charted my cycles I would have known a lot sooner. Now I couldn't go without BBT OPK charting, I just don't trust my body anymore.

    Depends how you feel about it though.

  • Hi Tinkerbelle, would like to wish you lots of luck with TTC, I hope you don't have to wait too long for a BFP x :\)
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