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Angry, annoyed, cross, scared and pleased all in one go...


I have just been to my GP for results of 21 day bloods (or 28 day bloods in my case as 5 week cycle and I was told to get them done 7 days before a/f due)

Last had bloods done in April and at the time they told me all fine - however today different GP told me that actually they probably weren't fine then because they calculated on basis I had a 4 week cycle even though clearly told them I have 5 week cycle.
Also GP told me today that the fact my a/f are virtually non-existant means that they should be investigating me for PCOS...something I have suspected for a long time anyway. he said that the fact I have a longer cycle and that they are light probably means i am not ovulating properly.

Sorry to rant ladies, hubby not home yet and I am really annoyed. If other GP had listened to me in April we could have been 5 months further on ttc....grr :\(

Luckily GP today has now referred me for 2nd 28 day bloods (not too sure why to be honest) and urine test (ready for when we eventualy go to fertility clinc apparently, just in case!!!) and also for ultrasound scan. he said they are likely to put scan up inside to get a proper look at overies - arrghh - this is scaring me - does anyone know anymore about this????

All in all I am pleased that we might now finally get some answers but just so annoyed that it has taken this long for someone to take me seriously.

Sorry I will stop ranting now, just needed to let off some steam! imageops:

One final thought....those of you that have had the scan done....what did you tell your work?!? Did you take a day holiday? I don't really want to be telling my work colleagues that we are ttc (even though some are good friends) and would appreciate any useful 'tips' on how to get around this problem....

Thanks for listening!!!:\)



  • Oh you poor thing we had a cock up yesterday as well... sometime they just don't get it... My hospital you can make appointments from 8 and it only takes 15 minutes so maybe yours will be the same... although I told work that I had gyne probs as I has pre cancerous cells a few years back and I just said it was checking on that... once you say that they won't ask anymore!!

    Good luck I hope you get the answers you need sooner rather than later image xx
  • Thanks ladies!!!

    Great idea re saying gynae appointment - my boss is man so am sure he won't ask anymore if I say that!!!image
  • Hey Muppet I know how you're feeling as I had EXACTLY the same thing happen to me two weeks ago - except I didn't even suspect pcos so I was totally totally stunned.

    Our doc was so vague and really upset me and referred me for a scan and i was so upset because i know quite a lot about pcos - ive even been to a conference on it - and I have no symptoms at all!!

    Anyhoo - I also go to Zita West and my lady there really reassured me. looked at my hormone levels said there was nothing to worry about, I was oving (and that is the problem with PCOS - if you're oving there's no problem if you're not a drug such as clomid will soon sort you out - it really is one of the easiest things to treat).

    So I feel a lot better about it now. I have my scan in two weeks. The lady at the hospital was lovely when I booked it. She said it's really simple, they use a tiny probe which she described to be the size of a tampon and put a condom over it to stop infections and use a little lube (lol) and insert it just to get a look at your ovaries. It's painless - less than a smear and she said and if you get a nice gynae she should explain what she's seeing. They're looking for little lumps on your ovaries which indicate cycsts.

    My ZW lady said I should look at it as a positive as they can see so much when they do this scan they can check all sorts.

    Over the last couple of weeks I've finally got my head around it - it took me two or three days, but I promise by the weekend you should feel a little better once it has sunk it. If you want to chat about it at any time just holler, I'm on here most week days.

    I'll let you know all about my scan when I have it.

    Re work, just tell them you have a hospital appointment - you're entitled to go without leave. If they ask why, say you'd rather not say and if they push you tell them its a girly thing - if your boss is male he won't dare to ask any more!!!


    Rach xx

  • sorry to jump in but this is a great thread as I have just been refered for blood tests, so knowing what happens after is really good.

    Doesn't sound to traumatic, which is good,

    Good luck honey, heres hoping its good news!
  • Thanks again for your replies.

    Rach46 - I am kind of feeling better about it all now so you were right!!!
    Hubbie has convinced me that better I am being investigated for possible PCOS than sitting in the dark trying to guess what is wrong and why we cannot get pregnant.

    Am slighly confused re the whole hormone thing so not really sure if i am ov or not to be honest. GP was good at referring me but not so good at explaining (I was last app and think he wanted to get home!!)
    I might make another appointment for them to talk me through the whole hormone level thing - i can't even explain on here very well to ask you ladies to help me out!!!

    I don't really have any symptoms of PCOS as such either, I have been getting a few spots and obviously the whole light a/f thing is an issue. But I am not especially hairy, am a 'comfortable' size 12 etc.

    Anyway, I shall stop rambling on now...sorry it takes me a while to reply, is hard for me to email at work because everyone can see my computer and don't want to give the game away!!! shhhhhh
    Hubbie hogs computer in the evenings!!!

    thanks again


  • No worries Sam,

    Glad you're feeling a little better. Do you have a copy of your results? I know that your progesterone should be higher than 8 and if so you ov'd. LSH and LH should be the same, in people with pcos LH can be three times higher. If these two are different then they scan you.

    Good luck, have you got a scan date?

    Rach x
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