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Sorry girls TMI question :oops:

Apologies in advance but I was thinking about one of the questions we all get asked through fertility testing - do you have heavy periods. I've always said no, but it struck me today (on day 2) that I've only ever had my AF so I have absolutely no idea what 'heavy' is! Does anyone know what the definition of 'heavy' is?


  • That's brilliant, really helpful. Thanks Claire.

  • Funny you should post this my af seems to be getting lighter and lighter which I am assuming is not a good sign as it means not much lining means nothing for a baby to stick to
  • Sometimes they seem quite heavy and others not so. Not very helpful I suppose! lol
    I am lucky in that I dont suffer any real pain or moods! A touch of very light cramp normally just as am due on.
  • Mine are always heavy unfortunatly and i mean going through super max tampons/pads in an hr on the worst days.

    I think mine may have a lot to do with having such long cycle and endo.

  • Glad Claire could help you...
    Just wanted to add my 2pence worth....
    I can completely understand your question.. I was asked the same thing at the gynae clinic and my GP regarding my aneamia/iron levels.

    I think its a blinking daft question because a normal period is what YOU are use to!! Its an individual thing.. think they should ask how often do you have to change your tampon or ST, or ask what type you use; regular, super, nightime..

    There's my rant over he he...x
  • Exactly Boo! Compared to what!

    It only struck me the other day when AF arrived. Was v heavy and is getting heavier the longer I've been off the pill but only for the first couple of days and is never a problem. I've no idea what 'normal' is and since length of AF and regularity have always been fine I've always assumed things are normal.

    Thanks so much for the replies it really has helped to gauge what normal is!!

  • Oh DG,


    My last appt to see my clinic was cancelled (again). Spoke to my Cons secretary about my notes being transferred... and she said it won't be a problem.
    1. The clinic nearer home can request a copy
    2. You can buy a copy ??50
    BTW both of my clinics are NHS - so i would ask them again if i was you... Or speak to your GP... x
  • Hey Boo

    Have only just seen this. Thanks for the message. Can I just ask - are you staying within the same PCT? I think we're too far down the line to move now, but I have a feeling they were making it difficult because we wanted to move PCTs.

  • No hun... changing PCT...

    :lol: only just found out what a PCT was today!! I got funding within a couple of weeks with my last PCT... now this blinking new one seems to be taking forever!!

    Planned on starting ivf in april / may time... Well, I'm just going to put ttc on the backburner until we get our letter... (some say it takes up to a year!!)...
    Booked a holiday, and also changing jobs so.... we its just a waiting game!!
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