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Clomid and OV

Hi all

Hope everyone is having a good week?

Just wondering if someone could help me - I am due to take my last clomid tomorrow evening (I am on 50mg) and have been taking it from CD 2 - 6. If it has done its magic when am I likely to OV. Is it about 5 - 9 days after the last clomid tablet?

I know the signs to look out for but just wondering if some one could help so I can work out the BDing around it. I was going to chart my temps this month but AF got me before I got the right things so if no joy this cycle definietly going to do that next month too.

Thanks x


  • Not sure as not as far down the line as you but if it was me I'd just do it constantly from the day before the earliest possible day and keep going for a good week!!!! LOL Good luck xx
  • Hi hun,

    I didn't ov until cd 18, and I know others have been later so don't give up too soon. I think its fab stuff as I conceived first cycle. We bd'd until I was pretty sure I had ov'd.

    It did mess up my cm though but we used preseed and I swear that massively helped.

    Good luck!
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  • on my first month of clomid i also bought a cbfm and found out that i didnt ov till day 20 - 21 - so we had basically been missing the boat for the previous 13 months.

    I would definatley get ov sticks to help identify when you ov but it is usually 14 days before period is due.

    With us because of lat ov we only had a 9 day lp.

    Good luck x x
  • Our consultant advised to have sex 3 - 4 times a week from when your AF stops, to the end of your cycle. So having it all the time rather than just trying to time it around ovulation so that you are not restricting yoourselves.

    Good luck
  • Hey ya, Like BabyB i didn't ov until CD 18, i bd from day 10 every other day pretty much until i knew i def ov. Charted my temps and used preseed. good luck huni. Sxx
  • Just wishing you good luck. Never had clomid so no extra advice. As the ladies say keep going!!
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