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IUI's do work!

Just thought sharing my news with you will give you confidence that IUI's work!

On my 3rd attempt, I found out last friday that I was pregnant - I've had two sets of blood tests done to show that my HCG levels are rising, and just got confirmation that so far everuything looks ok so far. I must admit I'm still in a bit of shock and hasn't fully resigistered. Although I have been POAS for the last week - god - however owns these pregnancy test and OPK companies make a fortune from us!

Also, due to having a previous miscarriage 2 years ago, and it taking soo long to get pregnant again, I am absoultely filled with fear that it will happen again. So it feels really weird that this should be a happy time, but feeling pretty anxious - so actually trying to forget about it until my scan in 3 weeks time.

I've been a lurker and a poster on this website for nearly 2 years, and it is just such a supportive place, and filled with such lovely people, that I hope this gives hope to some of you out that there IUI's do work!

I'm going to keep lurking on here as deff. to early to leave you guys, so I'll be hanging around for a good while yet.

Daisy Girl lots of luck with your IUI



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