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Is this too aggressive? ( fertility treatments and high prolactin )

I recently got put on Bromocriptine to lower my mildly elevated Prolactin ( 41). My fertility clinic had me do all the work up and tests, including checking for my thyroid and for PCOS. Found out today everything is normal. I did have about 12 follicles per ovary but both DHEA and Testosterone was normal. My cycles are consistant and normal. My LP is just on the short side of 9-10 days. 

Semen analysis. HSG and ultrasounds all normal.

My RE made the comment that we need to be agressive about the next steps ( Letrizole, HCG shot and progesterone suppositories along with IUI ) He said that given we have been trying for 15 months that even with my prolactin being elevated that it should have happened for us by now. 

Now I dont know what to do. Is this too aggressive considering I JUST started bromocriptine and havent even gone through a full cycle of it? 

I guess I had it in my mind that the prolactin was why i wasnt getting pregnant but now it seems like its not? 

I need advice please. Has anyone tried for over a year with no luck and had elevated prolactin as the only obvious issue and still has regular cycles and conceived after taking bromo naturally?

I hear so many positive storys of the meds working and ppl conceiving shortly after but I also wonder if they were TTC for a year or longer. :( Starting to feel super discouraged. As soon as I feel like im getting answers im left with nothing..

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