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I used to be on the forum A LOT. After some time and seeing so many lovely women get their miracles, I had to step away. It gets really hard seeing everyone else get their baby and wondering why it won't happen for you. So I thought maybe there were other ladies in that situation who want to support each other. If you've tried for longer than a year, I would love to have a little support group where we can talk and encourage each other.


  • Hey I am in month 18. It's getting super hard but I had my first fertility hosp app last Monday and I got my 2nd one which is via telephone in April. Need to wait on apps for scan and hsg he said 3 months. It's pants as someone at work is pregnant and we spoke about it loads as she knew I was trying. She came off her contraception and got pregnant right away. Saw her bump today which got me a bit sad. X
  • Hey I am in month 18. It's getting super hard but I had my first fertility hosp app last Monday and I got my 2nd one which is via telephone in April. Need to wait on apps for scan and hsg he said 3 months. It's pants as someone at work is pregnant and we spoke about it loads as she knew I was trying. She came off her contraception and got pregnant right away. Saw her bump today which got me a bit sad. X
    Oh love, I'm sorry. It's always harder for me when I have to see it everyday, especially if someone just fell pregnant so quickly. I'm happy for them, but sad for myself.  I'm always here to vent to. ❤️
  • @PinkSnow410 thanks love. Had a hospital appointment on sat for mri of my pelvis. Now I just need all the other appointments to come in! Hope you are well xx
  • Dear PinkSnow410,
    It is hard to wait a long time. How wonderful to start a support thread.  Julia Indichova offers help to look at this journey as an opportunity - one that maybe we didn't want.  The emotional aspects are so hard.  They can teach us a lot about ourselves - how to love ourselves, in practice for loving the child we long for.  How would we comfort our child who was longing so much for something but having challenges getting it - and we are assuming what the child wants is a good thing here.  There are just many ways to look at this that have the potential to be healing, not just terrible bad luck.  The best to you and all here in experiencing wonderful miracles!!
  • Hi 
    I’m new to the forum 
    I’m 40 and already have a 9yr old took 9 months to conceive that time... so me and my husband have been trying to convince for 8yrs and no luck we’ve had tests at gp and husband had done seman test and all came back ok but because we are over weight they won’t do anything else.... I’m lighter now than first child.... I’m so depressed about this tried to diet but don’t have enough luck.... I worry time isn’t on my side either...
    I know the answer is loose weight but I’m so frustrated and depressed about it all. 
  • Hi there @JLG300 hope u are well. Did you have any other tests done or will they just not do anything for u? I was worried they would say to me about my weight. But they haven't but I'm trying to lose some and its hard. I'm quite tall but need to lose another 2 stone probably if I want to go by a good bmi. Will just need to try but It took me so long just to lose 1 stone. I have no motivation for exercise either. I am stressed at work so want to come home and chill out not work out! 
  • It was just the basic blood tests and husbands sperm test... all came back clear and healthy but because bmi is higher they won’t see us, I need to loose about 4st before they do anything it makes me so depressed when I’m depressed I eat always have comfort food it’s a never ending cycle that’s a battle and makes me and my hubby not want to have sex so we don’t get the upset 
  • Aw that's terrible. They should offer u what I have: mri of pelvis and hsg. And also say try lose weight in process as those apps can be a few months. I think it's so unfair to just not refer u. I am so sorry. Wish I could help. I know that if I went in freaking out at my appointments they would tell me stress is the cause so I played it cool. 
  • Thankyou it’s awful and I know there is nothing they will do without loosing the weight they want for perfect bmi but what is a perfect bmi... it’s so unfair I know weights not the issue how can it be I’m lighter than first time round 
  • Hi all, I've just come across this thread and would love to jump in. 

    @PinkSnow410 I recognise your user name from the chat forums. Unfortunately I've been on this forum for longer than I would liked to have been, but it's also been a great support. I completely understand how you feel about girls in a thread all getting pregnant ☹️ big hugs and thanks for starting this thread. 

    I've been TTC #1 for almost 3.5 tears. I've had three rounds of IVF that ended in two chemical pregnancies and a MMC at 10 weeks that I needed surgical management for. That was in December so I'm still recovering from that. The plan is to see a miscarriage specialist and the ln go from there. Im feeling very doena t the moment as we can't convince naturally and even with IVF I can't seem to keep the baby 😭 we have both decided that if it hasn't happened for us by the end of the year we are going to move on and stop trying. I find it particularly hard as my oh has two children from a previous marriage. He is very supportive but it still feel like a lovely place to be in. He tried to understand but he just won't ever be able to, and I know that's not his fault. 

    @Lauren1409 Covid has been awful for appointments and delays. So sorry to hear what your going through. I had to wait a few months for clincis to open up again to get going with IVF so I understand your frustration. Has your hubby/oh had his sorwm checked? Have you had any other investigations? Big hugs to you also. 

    @JLG300 so sorry to hear about your struggles. Have you thought about going private (if affordable). I know the NHS have a strict criteria about weight but some clincis might be able to help. Here any time you need to chat. 

  • @sas1101 Thankyou so much unfortunately private isnt an option financially so I just feel trapped and every doors closing.... I’m determined going to try clear blue ovulation sticks some more vitamins and give it a good go this month?? Not much else to do lol xx
  • @sas1101 hey I have had a mri of my pelvis and I'm waiting in hsg. I have my 2nd app in April where we gonna discuss medication. It's so frustrating. Was so easy 8 year ago with our daughter but this is such a nightmare. They can't do hsg just now as the department is closed due to COVID! 
  • Hi all, fabulous thread 💜 jumping on!! I’m 19 months TTC, first time - no kids yet, 41 yo (only found my perfect OH 3 years ago), started the process of fertility testing but all has got put on hold due to Covid 😫😫 Freaking out as I know time is running out, everyone around me is pregnant (2 best friends and my very young niece who’s treating it like getting a puppy - salt very much being poured in wound with that one!!) My body is evil and deals me phantom symptoms every damn month so the emotional rollercoaster is extreme to say the least 🥴 Trying to stay sane, smiling and hopeful so really good to connect with others in the same boat 🙏🏼
    Luck & baby dust to you all! 💜💜💜
  • Lauren1409Lauren1409 Regular
    edited Mar 8, 2021 6:04PM
    Hi @KelB79 I'm 14dpo today but not holding out on good news as I have been tcc 18 months. Got some hospitals apps as I am finding it hard 2nd time round! Hope you are well. Yes everyone around me too! It's just so shit!!! 
  • @Lauren1409 ..... good luck and baby dust for this cycle lovely! Don’t give up hope - this may just be the one 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
    I’m 2dpo and time is going slowly!! Trying to stay chill and avoid stress but I own a restaurant and we’re doing a huge expansion before the big reopening so stress levels are high even without TTC 🙈🙈
    keep me posted on your journey lovely xxx  
  • Good luck im still having no luck at all 8yrs on...!! A girl at work just announced her pregnancy today gonna be a hard time x
  • @JLG300 oh huni! I’m so sorry to hear that 💜💜💜 8 years must be heartbreaking for you xxxx Are you trying for your first or do you already have any?  Have you been doing IVF? Sending you so much love. Especially with the baby news around it - it makes it so bloody difficult doesn’t it 😐
  • We have one healthy 9yr old and have been trying since for number 2, been written off by the drs because we are ‘overweight’ 
  • Thanks ladies. I feel the stress like. I am not enjoying my work just now and it's really stressing me to the max. What type of restaurant do you own? 
  • @JLG300 ffs, doctors 😖 That’s gotta sting, I’m so sorry. Praying a little miracle happens for you lovely xX 

    @Lauren1409 is changing your job an option chick? Life’s too bloody short!!! I own a seafood tapas restaurant - I love it and it’s super successful but Covid has been an incredibly stressful time 🥴🥴
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