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Am I asking too much of my GP at this stage?


I hope you don't mind me asking, I know I'm not exactly LTTTC yet at 7 months but there is definately something amiss as I've only had 1 AF in 7 months. But it would be good to hear what people who are a bit further down the road think.

I went to my GP over a month ago when I hit the 6 month mark. Bloods and u/s have come back fine but clearly not much is happening. She said she'd refer me to a gyneacologist which she said may take 3-4 months but I should hear in 3-4 weeks. On monday, after a month since this apt I called the surgery as I'd not had a letter yet. After ringing them twice I found out that the letter for my referral from the GP to the hospital had been dictated to teh secretary but she hadn't had time to write it yet as it wasn't a priority:x.

They said my doctor was busy that day and wouldn't be in again until Thursday (tomorrow). They have that silly system where you can only call that morning for an appointment. I was so disappointed as I'd been waiting for my referral. I am going to call her first thing to get an appointment or a telephone consultation. I've been trying to find customers service standards but can't find anything.

So my question is, do you think I'm being too pushy at this stage. I did think at the time that it was quite good I was being referred as I've heard it generally takes a year of TTC before you get referred. But as I'm not even really menstruating and I don't even know if I'm ovulating is it reasonable / normal to expect a referral sooner?

I know most of you have put up with a hell of a lot more than this, but I feel apart from doing everything I can to help myself I'm a bit stuck.

Any advice gratefully recieved

Thanks xx

(edited to say that they were this infrequent the last time I came off the pill so I don't think it's just a pill hangover)

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  • Hi StarryNu,

    I would push the same as you as it is so frustrating when you've been waiting to start with and they make you wait longer. Also no-one knows your body more than you and if you feel something isn't quite right then it is ok to push to get things sorted.

    I had the same problem with my GP, when i went i had been ttc for 6 months and they made me try for another 6 months before i got referred so hopefully you will be able to get things sorted quicker!

    let us know how you get on.

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