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TTC after a year

Hi. I have never done anything like this I don’t even have social media but I’m really struggling. I have been trying for over a year and just found out partner has low sperm count. 
I am not coping very well and I’m crying everyday and I feel like I’m getting on everyone’a nerves cause I’m just so sad. I also work for the health visiting team so babies are always in my face! I just wondered if anyone has any advice or anything to help me with so I feel like it’s worth getting up in the morning. Thanks x 


  • Hubby and I have been ttc for years and I’ve had 6 miscarriages but we’re not giving up. I’ve been through every emotional thing and always have hope in the end. My last miscarriage was in April at 5 weeks and we are still gribut next year we are going to try Clomid. I have PCOS and hubby has low sperm count low mobility but we really want children and have hope that God will bless us with children in His time.
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