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Missed miscarriage

Hi all i had my first scan last wednesday night and was told there was no heartbeat. After being left alone for a few minutes i noticed on the screen that the baby had died at 8 weeks and 2 days. I am totally devastated. I had to go to hospital yesterday fully expecting them to 'help' me out. I have to wait til next wednesday for a d & c unless it happens naturally. I cant stop crying and no matter what anyone says still feel like its my fault. Im trying to stay strong for my 8 year old and my son but my son doesnt understand. He keeps asking why cant the doctor make the babies heartbeat again. Luckily ive managed to get a scan pic to keep. So my heart goes out to all of you.xx


  • Hi Skyme,
    Pop over to the miscarriage/ectopic support forum. THe ladies there will give you lots of advice and support.
    Hope you;er ok.
  • i miscarried about 18mths ago in my 11th week, found out i had a large fibroid (10cm) which not sure if had any bearing, had fibroid removed and found myself pregnant again at the beginning of this year. Had an early scan at 7wks - all was well - got past the bogey 11wks to my 12wk scan, only to find baby's heartbeat stopped around the 7wk mark - missed miscarriage. Waiting for things to happen naturally but paranoid about an ovulation pain around 10wks! Is it possible for me to be carrying a live embryo too?! The heartbeat stopped very close to the scan so not sure if that had any bearing either. Now, in order to verify what's happening i will need to have another scan which, if the 10wk pain means anything, could jeopardise any potential life. I'm totally confused...any sanity-inducing words of wisdom gratefully received!!!

    Although such sad reading, it's been really comforting to know there are others like me - scared, sad, angry, disappointed - who now have somewhere to turn. Thanks for being brave enough to put it to 'paper' - it's given me the strength to consider the D&C which, like you all seem to say, will bring an end to a terrible time.
  • Hello all,

    I went for my 12 week scan yesterday and was told that I had had a missed miscarriage at 7 weeks. I can't believe how a world can be turned upside down in 40 mins and how my body has made be believe up until now. Its so confusing..... this was our first time and my other half is devasted. I am now preparing myself for the next change I know that I am hold back as much emotion as I can... as I know I need to get through this next stage.
    There are no words to explain how I am feeling and reading some of your articles has helped me. Will write to let you know

    Take care of yourselves guys x
  • Hi. First visit to any online forum so forgive me if I do anything wrong. Just had an ERPC. Wondering why it is that one has to have a general anaesthetic for this procedure? Also, why do you need so many painkillers afterwards as nothing other than an emptying of the womb has taken place which in principle happens each month. Or is there some physical 'damage'?

    Surgeon said, diifferent to doctor, that it was not necessary to wait for a period before trying to get pregnant again, but I'm wondering about all the drugs swilling around in my body now (general anaesthetic & painkillers).

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks, O
  • Hi this is a very old post maybe try posting in trying to concieve after miscarriage sorry to hear your news hope you get a healthy preganacy soon take care.
  • Hi
    I had a missed miscarriage, found out at the first midwife appointment - just so happened to mention that my boobs were no longer sore or swollen - they whipped me straight in for a scan and told me the baby had stopped growing at 6 weeks, 2 weeks prior to the appointment. I went in for another scan 1 week later, same information, I had the ERPC the same day.
    All was fine with that, 1 week after the ERPC I passed huge clots and had really really bad cramps and then bled lightly continuously for over 3 weeks.
    I still haven't had a period for 7 weeks following the ERPC and so did a pregnancy test - its positive.
    What are the chances that my body still thinks its pregnant with the first pregnancy? I have had no other symptoms to say its a new one, no tender or swollen boobs, no sickness etc. I've had mood swings, but that could be because I am still so dissappointed at how the first one ended.
    Thank you.

  • i, i had a missed miscarriage ,besically im just tru it right now... at my scan there was no heart beat, i was 7 weeks, i was shocked in hospital,coz guy who should give me advise,didnt really care...not even read letter in my folder.When I asked,what I should do,he just said,its up to u,and so what u want to do...It was my first pregnancy, so how i could know?! Only thing i know was that few minutes ago,i was happy to see my baby on scan seconds later i had been send away,with death little one in my tummy...image I just start to cry and left hospital.That eve it was 2 days ago I started bleading...not like period, just few drops during the day. Most of the chunks went out when using toilet...I have bad crumps whole day today,so decided to stay at home...Shell I call GP and ask for scan,if everything is gone? No one told me anything,what to do, next.Just got that leaflet in hospital about miscarriage and phone no to womens health clinic,in case i will change my mind,and will want D&C.Just want let it go... :cry:
  • I had a private scan at 13 weeks, my baby was fine, moving, closing and opining is hands, I thought I'd be the happiest mom in the world. This morning, had a scan, and they couldn't find any heartbeat. I'm 17 weeks, I feel like I'm gonna die. This coming weekend is bank holiday, so I have to wait till Tuesday to have the "miscarriage management" chat at my hospital. So I've been sent home with a dead baby in my belly. I have to sleep with him, and look at my huge belly in the mirror, when I know that my baby's dead. I don't know how to survive it, how am I gonna move on. I hear my partner saying that we need to be strong for each other, but I can't be strong for myself at the moment, so what can I do for him?? I feel so useless, and feel like I should never be pregnant again, I'm just too scared. And stupid me still waiting for a miracle, still hoping that they made a mistake. But at the same time I cannot get rid of that woman's face and voice telling me "I'm so sorry, there is no heartbeat, I'm afraid your baby's died".
  • im so sad for you all. same as myself yesterday i went for my 12 week scan and all there was was an empty sac, i was so distraught. i had lost my baby at 7 weeks. all i have done is cry since i found out and cant seem to shift this feeling of emptiness. i am waiting for it to pass naturally but have another scan next week to makesure that the results are the same but i know its gone. my breasts are no longer tender and i have been spotting for the last few days. i feel so alone. although i have a husband and he was upset too i dont feel he can understand exactly how im feeling. i bless you all and that you all have healthy pregnancies in the near future x
  • Hi,

    Just read your post sorry to read about your mmc and I understand how deverstated you feel has I had the same at my 12 w scan three years ago. I felt angry and empty and was such a shock as no real signs anything had gone wrong.

    I was lucky to get pregnant in my 2nd cycle afterwards and all though a nervous wreck through the pregnancy I had a healthy baby girl x

    I hope you get through the next few weeks as best you can x

    Inka xxx
  • thanku for ue reply. its a sad time at the minute. i have passed now which was really hard to do. i can begin to look forward now but my baby will never be forgotten
  • Hi,

    I had a missed miscarage also. Im a little confused on what to now expect. I went in for my 12 1/2 week scan just over a week ago now to find out the babys heartbeat never got started at 6 weeks. This was my husbands and mine first pregnancy and im 29 years old and we have been truley upset but have really had great support from our familys and close friends. We decided to let the miscarage happen naturally but to call the hospital if i get a fever or change my mind.

    I went into hospital at 11weeks as i had light spotting, (just showing when i went to the toilet) and the hospital asked lots of questions and felt my belly and said as i have my scan in just over a week they dont see any concern to rush forward for a faster scan as that can all be normal. But now we no they were wrong! Ive now had a dead baby in my belly for nearly 8 weeks but only been spotting for the last 2-2 1/2 weeks and very few cramping for the last week. Does any one no, how long it will take to happen!!

    Ive been off work for a week now and i feel i really need to get out of the house and get my life back to normal again!

    Im sorry to hear so many of you have or are going through the same thing as we are and our love goes out to you x
  • Hi,

    Well I don't know where to start, my husband and I are devastated we were just about to book our 12wk scan when last Wednesday I had a small clot so we went straight to the hospital thinking I just needed a anti D injection as I have negative blood type they asked if I'm cramping or have any other signs that might mean I'm miscarrying,I said no to all there questions they sent us off for a scan .. That is when my heart hit the floor... There was no heart beat our angels heart stopped beating at 8wks and 3days.. We are gutted we had been trying for 3mths to fall pregnant but no luck as I was still breastfeeding our 18mth old so I stopped and fell pregnant straight away, we so badly wanted our angel and it is killing us both inside.. I had to have a DNC as my body was not rejecting our baby naturally and they were worried about infection, during the surgery when I was under they tried to insert the airway tube in and hit or scraped something to the point I was drowning in my blood that was in my lungs, after 40mins to stable me the surgery was done.. I'm so sore from throat to pelvis I feel like I have been beaten in the chest , not to mention so empty inside, we badly want to try again but not sure how long I have to wait till we can.. Does anyone know? But I am petrified as I don't think I can go through this again.. We just badly wanted our angel and reading everyones posts made me realise this happens alot which is scary..
  • Hi felicity blanch im so sorry to hear your story. As i didnt have a dnc this may be different info but the doctors told us we could start trying as soon as i stopped bleeding. They do prefer us to wait untill our first period as they can date it properly but they said we tend to be quite fertile after. We have waited till after and im glad i have as it is a much heaver one than ever previous. It is really hard to wait as we also so much wanted the pregnancy to happen. All the best to you and your husband!
  • Hi Bella3,

    Thanks for your advice I will def take it on board, I didn't really bleed much after DNC but I still have a brownish discharge still I guess that's because the OP was a wk ago today... Sorry for being gross, my mind is still racing it is just so hard.. I will be making my Dr appointment for in a few wks to get the full on check up, how soon did you get your periods does it go back to normal? Good luck with everything to and I appreciate you messaging me..
  • Hi felicity blanch, i very much believe its good to talk!! and especially when some one has been through similar things so its no problem at all. it was xmas eve when the miss carriage started and i stopped bleading on the 8th jan. on tue 29th jan i have just started bleeding again but very very heavy! I was told when i last went for the scan most of it had cleared but there still would be a bit left. I guess it didnt all go but it is now. My cycle is normally 30 days so its been shorter but Im feeling all well other than feeling very tired. We will be trying again as soon as i have stopped so fingers crossed.
  • Hi Bella3,

    I'm so sorry to hear your story xmas eve, how heartbreaking, all this is I ve been told by the hospital that it happens for a reason and its our bodys way of saying no not a viable one, its just not fair.. I have a Dr app in 2wks as I have alot of unanswered questions about the surgery let alone to make sure all is ok. Well my fingers will be crossed for you and ur hubby...
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