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Fao *Maria*

Hey Chick,

Hope it all went ok today? I've been thinking of you.

Big hugs,
S xxx


  • Morning,

    Crikey, sounds like quite a day. I think all things baby related can sound dramatic, but it sounds like your heart rate was a real issue. I'm glad to hear you're back home and not too uncomfortable. If there's an upside it must be that the bleeding is easier to deal with. I think what you're feeling is completely normal.

    I know I feel relieved that it's over and that I can draw a line under it, but I still burst into tears yesterday when I had a message from the midwife.

    I'm doing much better thank you. The last couple of days I've only had browny cm (sorry tmi!), so hopefully once that stops I'll know my hcg is down to 0. I got some more epo yesterday and started taking that and I'm also going to get some more AC. My cycles weren't regular before I was pregnant so kind of hoping that they might even out now. I'm going to start getting DH and I healthy again so that we're raring to go come 1 March.

    Speak soon.
    S x
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