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hcg levels and bleeding

Can anyone tell me how long the bleeding is likely to go on for after my mc? I was 5 1/2 weeks.

I started spotting on monday night but didn't get red blood until wednesday night. This only really started 'flowing' on thursday pm and I have had quite heavy bleeding and clotting yesterday and today.

I have an appt at EPU on monday. What will they do? I don't think they'll be able to scan me if I'm still bleeding heavily, will they? Do they take bloods for hcg? and do they check you until it's down to zero?

My hcg levels were only 32 last saturday and 46 last monday, which is what led them to expect a failing pregnancy.

Do hcg levels halve every 48hrs in the same way that they should climb? In that case there should be hardly any left by now.

Thanks in advance for any advice

Kiz xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • i had a miscarriage in october, at 11 weeks, i lost the baby at the hospital and they check my loss,
    I had a partial molar pregnancy, which means that the placents grew like a tumor and took over the life of the baby at about 7-8 weeks.
    Very high hormone levels are a symptom of this, but yours are low, i know women who had this condition who's levels were up in the hundred thousands!

    if your hormone levels dont return to normal it could be that some placenta is still inside and growing, im not trying to scare you but you need to get this checked out,

    my hormone was 15 on the sat i lost the baby, but 30 two days later. two weeks later it was low again, but since then i have had to provide blood and urine samples monthly to check, so far its all been normal but this will continue till april.

    This was my third child and a total surprise, but i broke me, im not the same person, ive lost my confidence and tend to hide. I am desperate for a baby, not to replace the star i lost, but because i was so happy at the idea of being a mum again,

    Although it doesnt seem like it now it will get better. you will cry, you will get emotional at the slightest things but suddenly, you will realise that life has to go on, no one can take away the pain you feel, but they can ease it, and you should let them,

    Emma B
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