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I lost my baby.....

It hurts so much. Some of you may remember my post a week ago saying I hadn't felt my baby move for awhile. I went to the hospital to get checked. The first midwife couldn't find the heartbeat with a doppler, so a second midwife tried. She couldn't find it either so they decided to scan me. The doctor scanned me for ages then said I'm very sorry but there's no heartbeat. Then I got scanned by a specialist radiographer who confirmed what the other doctor said.

I was 27 weeks, so I had to go thru full labour and delivery. They don't know why my baby died and are doing tests on me and the baby. It's helped a bit just to write this. Thank you all for your support. I'm going to leave this site for a while to heal physically and mentally, I'll be back in a few months when we feel ready to try again. Best of luck to you all. xxxx


  • You poor thing, I went through this a few years ago and I understand your pain, take the time cry lots and let your partner support you. Take care xx
  • you poor darling girl... I know exactly the pain you are going through - as i am 5 weeks ahead of you - ie exactly the same thing, timings and everything.. the emotions you will feel over the next few weeks will be crushing... all I can say is don't hold it in... use the hospital counsellor that they will offer you - she was hugely helpful in putting into words what I was feeling... and just take care of yourself and your husband... you will cry tears that you think will never stop... but all I can say is time is a wonderful healer and don't feel the need to rush anything... I didn't go back to work fo nearly a month... and I couldn't even begin to tell you what I did in that time... probably just sat and looked out of the window and craved for my baby to come back to me...
    You will survive... you can be brave... but don't dismiss your feelings - grief if a powerful thing and you need to let it run its course...
    if you ever feel like talking to a stranger who has been through it - I am here...
    with all my heart Annabel
  • i am so so sorry. i really feel for you, i dont know how you feel but i9 can only imagine. take care x x
  • Hi Candygirl

    I'm so so sorry for your loss, I can only try to imagine how you must feel.

    Take Care of yourself

    love Helen x x
  • Oh you poor thing. I am so sorry nothing anyone can say seems good enough but you will get through it. Thinking of you xx

  • hugz ...image i m/c in jan with my first baby your not alone huni lots of Cyber hugz your way and you can get thru this .. if you need a cHat write on my posts and i reply to u ok hun xxx
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