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ready to talk about my miscarriage

Hi guys, i only joined this a few weeks ago when i found out i was pregnant with my second, been posting on the aug 2008 forum but as you can tell from subject title i lost my little bean!

This is what sadly happened....

Well on sunday the 16th me and the hubby went shopping in Asda and i really needed the loo so went to the toilets and when i wiped i was bleeding! Grabbed what we needed and headed home quickly, went and checked in the toilet at home and i was still bleeding a little, like a light period so my mum came over and took me to A&E (hubby stayed with our son). I hate hospitals and you are treated like a nobody, i waited 2 hours before i was seen and all i had to do was pee in those stupid cardboard thingies and waited in a small room for another 45 mins. The doctor came back and said i was still testing positive but because of the blood i was probably having a miscarriage! The only advice she gave me was to retest after a week but it would probably be negative. I was in total shock and very upset!

The next day i made an emergency appointment with my doctor to get some more answers. She booked me in for a scan but because i was only 5 weeks i had to wait until the 27th.

Well to cut a long, upsetting story short, i tested last sunday (23rd) and it said NOT PREGNANT! so i knew it was gone, i phoned the midwife ward and spoke to a lovely midwife who said i wouldn't have to come to the scan anymore and she would send me out some leaflets.....

So i had a miscarriage but with no pain or clots and the bleeding only lasted 4 days so it could have been a lot worse! I've been told to wait for one period and then i can try again. We really feel ready for another baby so we are going to start trying in January. Just hoping for my period to come now, which is the opposite from a month ago.

Anyone conceived a month after miscarriage and gone on to have a healthy baby, really scared!


  • Im so sorry- I can't really offer any advice- as I have just gone through the same thing-
    All the advice i have read indicates that it is fine to start trying once bleeding has stopped although most doctors recommend one cycle for you body to recover. you are supposed to be extra fertile for the first three months-

    All the very best of luck to you- i do sympathise i desperately want to be pregnant again as soon as my body will allow
    -look after yourself x
  • oh hon, i just read your other post, i'm so sorry for your loss. *hugs*

    I would love to conceive asap but i know deep down i should let my body recover and start its normal cycle so going to wait until next month. Hoping period will start in the next couple of weeks!

    It has been nearly a couple of weeks since i lost mine and i'm feeling surprisingly ok, my body is back to normal (sadly lost all my pregnancy signs, including larger boobs, boo!) I think because i was only 5/6 weeks it just feels like i had a late period (even though i know the 3 tests weren't wrong but it is easier to cope).

    Anyway hopefully our bodies will recover soon and we will conceive soon!

    Keep in touch, x
  • I was advised to wait 3 months (gynae sister) but I think it depends on who tells you. I was told by midwife to wait at least 1 cycle as there is a higher risk of repeat if you don't. As it happened for me, I bled for over 2 months and then had a monster AF so only just been able to try again. xxxxxxx
  • Hey hun, ur story is so like mine....i had had the same thing on the 17th as had a bad feeling, did a test and had a light positive...then did another 2hrs later and got not pregnant...started bleeding that night....the advice i had from my doctor was to start trying straight away again, he said the only reason they say to wait a month is for dating the nx pg, theres no higher risk of mcing again. really hope your ok, im feeling better as the days go on, but will never forget my little bean xxxxxxxxx
  • Thanks woomummy

    I'm feeling ok, it's amazing how many people have had a miscarriage, i know it is 1 in 8 but it is scary the amount of people on the Aug 2008 have lost their little beans!

    I've decided i'm going to wait, firstly it would be easier for dating and secondly my wee boy was conceived in December and i don't want them to have the same birth month, just so it feels special for him and a baby doesn't take away the attention from his birthday, if you know what i mean...

    Hopefully we will both be preggers again soon and this time it will be for 40 weeks!!!

    Take care hon, x
  • Hi, miscarraige is an awful, awful time, no matter how far you are. I had 3 miscarraiges at 5,6 and 5 weeks. And was told to wait for at least 2 periods b4 trying again, i remember thinking the hospital staff where talking rubbish but in hind sight this now was the sensible thing to do, as it gave me time to get my head together. I was "desperate" to get caught again, but sadly didn't for a very long time, i think it was because i was so anxious. Once i had accepted mother nature would do her job when she wanted to, I got pregnant and am now 14 weeks pregnant. So RELAX and enjoy trying!! Good luck
  • Hi!!
    I am realy sorry girls for your lost. I had mine in 7 week. One doctor told us to wait 1 month, another doctor said 3 months.
    I was confused what to do. Finaly we waited 3.
    My congratulation for pregnant ladies.

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