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FAO Caz4mark..... !!!!

Just read your post on one of the other ladies .. and im so sorry to hear your bad news...
please let us know how you are. we can all be here for you.

i think you posted on 9th jan!..

I dont think people realised you had posted that you need support honey...
i spotted it today.

i hope your doing okay emotionally. time is a healer..

pls let us know how you are.

love em x


  • Hiya, I speak to her alot on MSN and shes doing really well. I think her and her partner are planning to start trying again soon
  • oh thanks sammy&jayden.. please send her my regards...
    i just came across her comments on someone elses post and felt so sorry for her...
    thanks for letting me know.
    glad she's okay x
  • .. hi i am doing well i fort i was preg agen till i came on yesday .. so my 2nd period since my m/c ... mmm how is everyone else? its weird cos so many ppl had m/c's near the tym wen i did ... its scary to think that it cud b a bad year
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