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Back to work

Well i'm back in work - was greeted by a stack of emails which just reminded me i've got to get back to reality now and life goes on. Sucks though :\(
Last time i was in this office i was waiting to go to my EPAU appt in tears while my colleague kept making me tea to try and calm me down. Seems a lifetime ago even though it's only been about 4 weeks.
Just want my af now to feel completely normal - my body has a mind of it's own at the moment - hot flushes and constantly changing cm - yesterday i thought i'm about to ov (dodgy opk results though) then today it's all dried up (sorry tmi)! Grrr!


  • Hi Faye

    I hope things go ok at work today and it isn't too difficult for you. You'll be in my thoughts.

    And I hope your body gets back to normal soon too.

    Love NN xxx;10719;30/st/20090413/e/%27Round+4%27/dt/5/k/a085/s-event.png

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  • Aww just wanted to say i am thinking of you...

    I came back to work last week after 4 off and its so hard getting back to 'normal' especially having to go and visit all the babies again.

    I hope its not too bad for you...

  • Thanks girls for your support:\) I've already said good luck NN for round 4 but i'm thinking of you and hope it's the BFP you deserve! How you doing Lauz? Any sign of af yet?

    I'm home now - didn't move from my desk all day and spent most of it on BE and FF plus finishing an assignment that needs to be in on Thurs - already had one extension after the 1st mc so couldn't expect a 2nd! Anyway - enough of my moaning ;\) cuz i need to keep my pma up for tmrws results!!

    Fairy x

  • aww i hope the results are ok for you....

    As for work now that you have made it through the first day it'll get easier....i am now back visiting as normal althought its harder than before espec when people do silly things or complain that their babies want to be fed every 3 hours or something its just frustrataing...

    anyway as for af i had some brown/pink spotting yesterday (and this would be normal for day 27 for me) so i was hopeful it was af but its still just sort of spotting today (28 day cycle was my normal before before becoming pregnant) however, i usually have spotting for a day sometimes 2 before it goes into a flow so although it may not be af i am sending af vibes to myself that it is (despite it bein too good to be true) as im having crampy type pains 2 so pleeeasssseeeee....i shall do an af victory dance 2moro if it is my af lol...

  • I hope it's af finally arriving for you too hun - isn't it crazy how we spend every month not wanting it to come and it's all we want to see now?! It's a normal way to be though i think - part of the healing process that things are going in the right direction.

    Lots of baby dust to you for next month or for whenever you start ttc again x x x
  • Yip its insanse this is officially the only month in my life i want my af to arrive and im hoping it is af and just slightly out of sync due to mmc but i will be gutted if its not her properly 2moro....we plan to start to ttc again straight away which is why i am hoping its af and also so its a sign that physically at least things are going back t normal...

  • Things are bound to be out of sync a bit for us with everything our bodies have been through so i'm sure it's your af on her way one way or another hun.

    I'm not going to be trying this month or even next - we've moved our wedding forward so i think i'll be having the summer off and planning on ttc #3 come Sept although i can imagine once my af comes all bets'll off with my plans and i'll be keen to just start asap!!;\)
  • The first day back was hopefully the worst, and you'll get back into the swing of it quickly.

    At the end of the day if work can take your mind off things for a little while, that's a good thing.

    Fingers crossed for your results. xx
  • Thanks Mithical :\)
    I'll let you all know how it goes - deep breaths for me tmrw!
    x x x
  • Hi
    Just wanted to say hope your first day back at work was ok, must have been a bit daunting, on my last day I burst into tears in middle of open plan office (blaming it on the hormones!) so am slightly apprehensive about going back next week!
  • Daisy you'll be ok. It's better when people know what has happened, so you don't have to explain. After the initial I'm sorry's it gets a little more back to normal. xx
  • Hiya all,

    Coming back to work wasn't too bad - i'm in an office with 2 male colleagues so there hasn't been too much emotion which has suited me fine. They were obviously concerned but didn't want to ask too many questions!! I can honestly say that coming back has helped me alot though - starting to feel more like myself.

    I went for my investigation results earlier (outpatients is up the corridor from the office where i work - one of the very few perks of working in the nhs!!) and i knew it would've been too soon for all the results to be back - the chromosome bloods from me and OH are still outstanding. Trying to 'beat the system' didn't go in my favour! Lol!! The consultant wants to repeat my lupus/clotting although he said the initial results were fine. Hormones were fine too. He also wants me to have a pelvic scan once i get my af (so bloody hurry up mrs!!) to rule out any abnormalities. I should be feeling relieved but until everything is conclusive i'm still in limbo!!

    He also suggested when i start ttc again i should consider low dose aspirin with the folic acid until 32 weeks and even progesterone pessaries until 12 weeks - what does anyone think of this or heard of this? Bit confused!!

    Fairy x x x

  • aww sorry you havent had much clearer info - hopefully that wont take too long! As for th aspirin i have heard of it but obviously no experience of it sorry...

    I hope your af (and mine) hurrys up! either mine is an abrnormal af (i KNEW a normal cycle was too good to be true) and im just going to spot for a few days more than usual or its not goin to turn into a normal flow hmm....scans both internal and abdominal showed clear uterus 2 weeks ago so nothing left over thats came out and im havin crampy pains its just usually by the 3rd day of spotting when i wipe like i am now i have a more recognisavle period and then it gets heavy for a day or so and then by day 6/7 all in its away...

    Anyway im nhoping for a full flow but not much hope and so im not af dancing however i will be baby dancing as in my mind im going to count this as an af so if i get caught straight away i have a date in my head but as thats so unlikely (and now im worrying my body is really fecked and im not releasing eggs) i assume to have a more normal af next month (at least i hope too) and i expect it shall be before a BFP (tho i would rather a sticky BFP instead of that lol)

    Anyway sorry for rambling on didnt mean to high jack ur thread i just feel even more in limbo now and would like to scream>>>>>ARRRGGGH! Thanks.

    Least there is some hope for trying things with you and that the initital results dont show any problems for you.

    Good Luck

  • sorry don;t know anything about the aspirin or pessaries - although guessing aspirin is to do with your blood thinning (may sound stupid but I don;t know your history, sorry) - you never know what they are going to suggest next!

    Can appreciate waiting for AF, having spent quite a few months TTC I can;t believe I'm now impatiently waiting for it!
  • I just knew it was too good to be true being back at work - so much for me getting back to normal!! One of my colleagues, who's a sweetie really and he obviously didn't know how to broach the subject with me, announced out of the blue this afternoon that another of our colleagues is bloody PG!! All i could say was 'how many weeks?' and when he said 14 i just wanted the ground to swallow me up cuz that's what i should've been this Thurs!! I was stunned and all i could think was why is her pregnancy going well and mine went wrong - bit unfair of me i suppose because she was nothing but supportive when i lost the baby last year but it just makes me feel awful - i've nothing against her personally. We don't work in the same hospital - she's in another team so i suppose i should be glad that she wont be in my face everyday with a bump that's reminding me what i should have but don't. Oh god, i sound so bitter and nasty but i can't help it!!
    I've been fairly good with pg women around me - about 3 of my friends are expecting, well one just had her baby and i've been really ok about it all but this was just one thing too much for me at the moment plus todays results have just left me a bit confused becuase nothing is definate yet and all i want is answers!!


    Sorry ladies, rant over - i'm just really bloody fed up and want af to come even though if i'm realistic i'm not due for another 10 days plus why does it matter at the moment cuz i need to wait for these further tests - OMG i'm frustrated!!! :cry:

    KTDaisy - i think you're right about the aspirin - i'm just wondering why he suggested that and the pessaries when my clotting and hormones were normal? Hmmm - i'm sure he'll explain when i see him again in 6 weeks.

    Lauz - i'd count your bleed as af - i was told the next af after mc may be much lighter or heavier than normal. Lots of baby dust to you this month! x
  • Wer u really? I wasnt told anything thanks been trying to ring epu but cant get through....

    Im so sorry to hear that i should have been 14 weeks on Saturday there and luckily i dont know anyone who is pregnant but working with health visitors its so hard - what do u do? im a nurse!

    Thinking of you.....

  • Me too Lauz - i'm a specialist nurse but not dealing with anything like we're all going through.

    I was told to expect my af to be anything up to 4-6 weeks counting from the day of the erpc (or the day of the bleed from the medical management) so i'm either cd 24 or 25 i think plus it could be completely normal - as in whatever loss i normally have or it could be very heavy or lighter than usual - so to expect anything basically!! Also i was told not to concentrate too much on what my normal cycle was before mc as it could take a couple of months for everything to settle. On the 1st mc last year my af took 34 days and i ov around cd 18 or 19 and i got back to normal within a month (30-32 days i am usually). This time i think my poor body's a bit more affected so not expecting af for another week or so. Sorry i'm rambling - just trying to remember everything i was told!

    I'm a bit calmer now about my colleague - told OH when he got home and he just hugged me and said it'll be our turn soon image

    Thinking of you too hunni x
  • Me and my hubby are trying to be positive too and are going to try and see what happens as i think i will have an af before a BFP and maybe it will be more normal then (2 day would be day 29 and i usually have a 28 day cycle but its varied between 25-29 days before) however i have no sign of a flow and its still just spotting when i wipe (like what i had with my impalant bleed last time which i know it deffo cant be this time) but its now showing signs of going away and i dont think it can be anything left over so im petrified i didnt ovulate now (although i thot i did 2 weeks ago which is why i was pleased when i got sign of af on Sunday) im gutted now...will ring epu for advice tomorrow.

    Only reason we were waiting was for dating purposes so if i got pregnant straight away i wouldnt have had any further stress waiting to be dated (not going to have an early scan as i think it gave me false hope) my plan if i do get pregnant before another af is to just use this as a date which will at least give me a rough idea so when i think i am 9 weeks have a scan and if i was only measuring 6 it would look like another mmc and would have that week from hell but i think i would know myself (i did this time and also didnt have any morning sickness which i hope to have in full force next time to put my mind at rest a litte) and if i was just a little out with dates that would make sense and hopefully i wouldnt and would measure ok....

    See i think if i didnt ovulate my body isnt ready yet but then that means i wont get pregnant but im now driving myself crazy worrying when im not pregnant and not even likely to be sooon....


    So yeah i am counting yesterday as day one and going from there.....

    Wish me luck....

    As your husband said it will be your time soon enough as it will be for all of us....just hopefully sooner rather than later!

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