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I had some discharge last week went to hosp they scaned me and said there was jus a sac i had bloods done went back sun had more bloods done and was sent home on mon massive bleed i was 11 weeks i just feel so empty now this baby wasnt planned as we have 2 adopted children and one of our own who is 7 and he was concieved on fertility am not sure if i want to try again,
taking each day as it comes and taking 2 weeks off work.


  • Hi Buzzbuzz68

    So sorry to hear your news. I had a mmc in 2005 at 13 wks & another mmc Jan this year, I didn't bleed either time so I'm afraid can't relate in that sense, but my 1st loss we went for scan & baby had died at 10 wks & this year I had the same senario as you, went for early scan at 8 weeks and there was a sac but no baby. It is so tough to deal with & I don't think unless you have suffered a mc you can relate to the feeling of emptiness & loss. When we had our losses we said we def would not try again as we could not go through it all again, but all I can say is that you never forget but it does get easier! And I know nothing that anyone can say at mo seems to ease the pain. I know when with both our losses people were just trying to be kind but all they kept saying was "it must of happened for a reason" & that is not what you need to hear.
    Be strong & I am here if you need a friendly ear to chew! There is light at the end of the tunnel after saying we were not going to try again I am now coming up for 11 wks preg, scan next week really nervous but fingers crossed. my motto is now "if its what you want, keep trying till you succeed" Hope this has helped.
    Take care
    Hannah x x
  • Hi Hannah
    thanks for your lovely kind post it helps when someone else has been through it , congrats on your pregnancy and good luck with your scan let me know its all ok i think i knew something wasnt right and had asked for an early scan but they wouldnt let me
  • Hey Hannah
    Thanks for sharing your story and fingers crossed ...3rd time lucky

    Buzzbuzz - things will get better. I think you are sensible taking some time off. I took 2 weeks and towards the end of the 2 weeks I felt I was ready to get on with life. I was nervous about seeing ppl as everyone knew! When I got to work on the mon, I had lots of hugs and slowly over the following weeks had lots of chats with people who shared their experiences with me and that really helped.

    I can remember how awful I felt last time. I had the ERPC on the mon and on the weds I sat down crying nearly all day and all I could say was 'I am just so sad', it was a real low point for me. I decided to keep a diary of how I felt and why. I gave myself a mark out of 10 each day for how I was feeling and for me it really helped. Along with the support of these guys who have been through similar.

    Lots of love
    Sian XX

    love Sian XX
  • sorry to hear bout your loss. I think you may have read my post, so i wont explain again.
    Good luck for the furure. i didnt realise how many people has miscarriages till i had mine, also i had never heard of a missed miscarriage beofe i had mine either. x x x
  • Hi Penny
    I hope your feeling ok.
    I found it a real help talking to people here, everyone is so supportive.

    First time yesterday I had to tell someone I lost the baby, a grandma from school asked me when I was going on maternity.
    I wouldn't of been able to do it a few week ago but I was ok.

    Well I better go to bed so I'm fresh for my first day back. No kids in tomorrow so wont be too bad.

    Take Care
    Love Helen x x
  • Sorry guys not been on here for a couple of days, but thankyou for your support with number 3.

    Take care all of you x x
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