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Not sure whats happening...

Hey girlies this is my 3rd pg in 9months, sadly the first 2 ended in mc's but i also have 2 beautiful boys to be thankfull for. Im 5wks 2morrow and have been having brown discharge since sunday....had my hcg levels and an internal scan done on tuesday, my levels doubled from last week, but since the scan ive had really bad cramps and started bleeding red yesterday (weds) I lost something yesterday and again today, but the things is my bleeding is really odd...i havent had to use a pad at all...the bleeding stopped yest evening, came bk this morning and has disappeared again now....the epu have advised me it looks like im mcing again due to the loss i expelled, theyve took my levels again to confirm this. What i wanted to ask is, has anyone bled lightly, becuase my last 2mc where like a heavy period with bad cramps, i went on for 5days, and also my pg symptoms r still here, im tired and peeing worried i may need a d&c incase it isnt expelling properly :cry:


  • Hia
    I had a mmc in feb at 12 weeks. it started with very very light old blood and no pain at all. went for a scan 2 days later and was told baby had stopped growing at 8.5 weeks. at this point there was still only a small amount of old blood. by the next morning the bleeding had become heavier and turned red. i then lost the baby naturaly the next day. i was in a lot of pain and when the baby came out it was still in the pg sack and was about 7cm long.
    hope your baby sticks this time.
    good luck
  • Hi woomummy, mine started with light spotting and blood streaked cm. It went on like this for a week, and when I had a scan there was just an empty sac. The night of the scan I had severe backache, and mc naturally that night. The bleeding and pain was no worse than a light af the following days, and stopped completely exactly a week to the day of mc.
    My symptoms disappeared about a week before the bleeding started, so I really hope that the fact you still have your symptoms is a good sign. Especially coupled with the fact that your hcg levels doubled.

    Good luck hun, I hope with all my heart that you are not going to experience that pain again. xx
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