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Happy birthday little one!

It'll be a year ago on Friday that our little one was 'born'. He or she was with us until I was 10 weeks pregnant. We had him or her in our lives for 8 weeks and we knew about him or her for seven of those weeks. The time I spent pregnant was wonderful and exciting in a way that my current pregnancy will never be.

I spent a few minutes with our tiny baby who was born into a bedpan. I'm glad that we had the chance to meet and thankful for those weeks that I spent so excited and full of joy.

I will never forget that baby and it makes me sad that there's nobody to mark the day, but I'll always be that baby's mummy and I'll always remember.

Here's a happy birthday to the little one we lost, who will always be smaller than their big sister.

I found this song not long after the baby left us and I found it very comforting, and although it is from the point of view of a father there is a lot that I think really sums up how I feel!

I remember the day when I heard you were on your way
tears of joy as we hugged and planned your life on earth
for weeks now we have loved you, never let you out of our thoughts
although you never knew us we needed you a lot

Little soul with a face I've never known
Little soul how I wish that you had grown
Little lost soul try to find your way back home
Little soul goodbye

Im so glad now you weren't a secret that we shared you for a while
You put smiles upon the faces of those we love
If you're out there I hope you hear me and know that I'm your dad
And if you don't mind could you blow a kiss to your mum

Little soul with a face I've never known
Little soul how I wish that you had grown
Little lost soul try to find your way back home
Little soul goodbye

I want to thank you for all you've done, the way you made her smile
Forever I will see her in a way that I never have
I only hope now you can guide her and help her through the dark
When she dreams now can you drop by and help to mend her heart

Little soul with a face I've never known
Little soul how I wish that you had grown
Little lost soul try to find your way back home
My little soul goodbye


  • Aww honey, not alot I can say, just offering you my support and hugs. XXXXSara
  • Thanks Sara - I think Friday is going to be harder than I had bargained for! I don't know how I'd do this if it weren't for the little one on the way. You know how it feels! x
  • thinking of you hunny - we have just past the twins first birthday and whilst tough it was also positive - we even took toby to their garden. Your little lady will be here soon and you will be overwhelmed by her - i was with Toby - if you ever need a should just let us know x x
  • Those little babies will always be a part of our lives hun. That song was lovely!

    Hope your ok today!
  • hope today has been ok Bec, and that little girl has kicked you all day to make you laugh through the tough times.
    our MC 5th sept, and this babe is due the 11th, so it will be a strange time for me net month.
    take care
  • Thanks for all your lovely comments, ladies. Sorry this is something any of us have had to go through but it's been good to find such good support.

    We bought a little doll from mamas and papas as a special toy for our little girl, as a gift from her big brother or sister, and we got a helium balloon and watched it go up into the sky. The only thing we could find that fitted was a silver star and in a very soppy way it fitted - like our baby was another star in the sky or something. We both cried.

    It was lovely and I'm glad we marked the day. We would have marked our EDD, too, but it was just a bit too painful, and we didn't know at that point that our little girl was on her way (she must have been conceived on our EDD almost to the day). I think I'd like to do it every year, I don't want to forget our first baby!

    Hope you ladies and your beans and babies are getting on well - Lady - I've been following your story avidly and am praying for you!

    Take care x
  • This post might seem ridiculous to anyone who hasn't miscarried but since I can't speak to our little one, I thought I'd post it here. I don't use this forum any more but it brought me a lot of comfort, and to those whose pain of miscarrying is still raw, my thoughts are with you. It does get easier.

    Happy second birthday, thinking of you little one. We haven't forgotten you. We took your sister to the horse races today, which is where we would have been if I hadn't been in hospital two years ago, on the day we lost you. Even though your sister has brought us so much happiness, there's still a hole where you once were. Love you x
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