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Feeling sad

I hope everyone is ok.
I'v had a sad day today, I just needed to have a good cry so I went to bed to be alone for a bit.
I decided to get a tatoo in memory of our little angels, so went today but I have to go back next week as their busy. I decided to get ANGEL in chinese on my wrist, as I picked it I got so upset. I tried so hard to keep in the tears the woman must of wondered what was wrong.
When we got home I just broke down.
I feel a bit better now, got a splitting headache now though.
Thanks I wanted to get it off my chest.

Take Care
Love Helen x x x


  • Hi Helen
    sorry your feeling a bit low, glad you feel you can come here and let it out. I had a bad day a couple of weeks ago, felt better after a good bubble.
    Thinking of you and sending a big hug

  • Hi Sarah & Jac
    Thanks so much for your support.
    I feel better today, I guess I'll feel like that sometimes.
    It helps alot talking about how I feel here, I know you lovely ladies always say things to help me feel better.

    Sarah I hope your feeling a bit better I know you'v had a hard time. I hope you get the baby you deserve real soon.

    Jac I hope your doing really well, it must be your scan soon. Let us know how it goes.

    Lots of luck & happiness to everyone
    Love Helen x x x x x
  • Hi Helen
    How you feeling?? I think since we started ttc again I have certainly become far more emotional and it has almost felt I have gone backwards in terms of dealing with recent dad, the miscarriage and my cousin.
    I woke up the other morning and decided it was not the time to be ttc as I am all over the place with my emotions and had 2 days of thinking that and then this morning OH came right out with it....wants to seriously start ttc...aaarrrggg....feel all over the place

    lots love
    S x
  • Hi Sian
    I'm feeling better thanks.
    It is a very emotional time TTC I think more when you'v sufford a loss like we have, I feel having a baby is the 1 thing that can help me to deal with the loss.

    I think OHs find it hard as well. I'v decided not to tell my OH things I'm doing regarding TTC as it puts him under pressure. So I just smile at him when I want to have my wicked way & hes happy to ablige.

    Talk to OH about how you feel, I'm sure he'll understand if you wanted to stop TTC this mth. But you know I think it will be hard when ever the time is, its just such an important but emotional time in our lives.

    Take Care
    Love Helen x x

  • Glad your feeling better Helen.
    Just wanted to let you know I'm fine (fingers crossed) I'm 8+4, scan is on the 11th, I can't wait. I'm so up and down just now. On Sat & Sun I was a miserable bag! I knew I was bad tempered and moody and couldn't be bothered to do anything or talk....I seriously felt like I was slipping into depression mode. I told my oh how I was feeling and I think its just the strain of worrying if things are doing ok or not - I wish I could have a scan each week! How paranoid is that?
    Feeling better - have started a pilates class which will do me good to get out once a week at least.
    Thinking of you and Sian ttc and keeping everything crossed for you - it will happen soon I know it.
    Will let you know next week how the scan goes.
    love Jac
  • Hi Jac
    I'm glad your OK.
    Its only natural your going to feel stressed at times after everything you'v been through. I'm sure the next week will go by fast, I'll be thinking of you.
    Get OH to treat you to a nice facial, help you relax a bit. :\)
    Take Care
    Love Helen x x
  • Helen,
    I do hope your okay, I think its best to have a good cry now and then otherwise you could bottle it all up too much, I know this all too much as I do this all the time so should really listen to my own advice!
    I hope you get through this tough time,
  • Hellooo Everyone
    Well my emotional roller coaster continues....on Sunday morning the OH opened up and decided he was ready to ttc again and wanted to do everything possible to maximise our chances! So typical as I had convinced myself to have a we are back on ttc. Have been charting my temp and it was up on monday morning so hopefully we could have timed it right. No luck with the ov sticks only 2 very feint lines on fri and sat which is ned according to the leaflet...but had been warned not to put my trust in them.....On the more personal side of things, we also used that pre seed lube stuff.
    Not too sure whether to trust my temps as it is very low which i think is down to the underactive thyroid....most days 36.0 and 35.8 on others! Anyway last 2 mornings have been 36.5 but I am full of cold. I quite like charting my temp as it has made me more aware of how I feel at different times in my cycle.
    Oh dear...I am going on a bit!
    Good luck all
    Sian XX
  • Hi Sian
    I like taking my temp as well, its something I'd never really thought about before.

    My temp was higher this morning so see what its like tomorrow.
    I'v never heard of that pre seed before I think I can guess what you do with it, is it suppossed to help when TTC?

    Good luck I hope this is your mth.
    Take Care
    Love Helen x x
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