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How are you all

Hello everyone how are you all hope you are all getting on ok and keeping healthy, well im back at work on nights and feeling ok bit sad at times but ok. I work in A and E and last night 4 people came in to go through to Maternity so that was a bit upsetting but i got through it anyway love to you all



  • Hi Kim

    I know how hard it is going back i work in a children's hospice and still find it hard when we have children in for end of life care. However it does get easier and i just think of the privilage of being pregnant to start with as so many people can't.
    hope you find it gets better

    Ann x
  • Hi
    Well its nearly 4mths since my MMC.
    I went to the pub last night & seen a friend of mine who hadn't seen for a while & whos preg. She asked me when we were going to TTC, I was surprised she hadn't heard about my MMC as I live in really small place where usually everyone knows everything.
    So I told her what happened & got upset. I was ok after a minute but when I got home I got so upset. My OH was snoring his head off, I went into the spare room & I cried so much. I havn't done that for a long time I guess it was the drink. I'm ok now just needed a good cry.

    Take Care
    Love Helen x x
  • Hey Helen
    How you feeling now? It is good that you had a good cry ...I understand exactly how you must have felt. I seem to have fallen in to this cycle where I am ok for a few weeks and then something happens and it all starts again, I get very emotional and cry. I do tend to do a lot of my crying alone as OH sleeps in spare room as he snores so much!!
    I have recently started onfacebook and I have caught up with friends I was in school with and most of them are pregnant or have just given birth...It is just another reminder of what happened.
    Sending BIG hugs
    S x
  • Hi Sian
    Well I'v just had another little cry, my friend I seen last night has sent me a lovely bouquet of flowers with a really lovely note.
    I do like to cry on my own I dont want OH to know when I'm upset.

    Take Care
    Love Helen

  • Hi all, life does seem cruel - I also work with children and have to give termination and preg advice which currently breaks my heart. We all know that we can fall pregnant and chances are in our favour that in future we will be luckier.
    Still early days post mmc for me (nearly 4 weeks) but feeling brighter - is easier I guess cos I already have a wee man. Helen I'm sure your hubby would not want you to cry alone, would you if it were the other way around?
    Good luck xxxxxxxxxx.
  • Camlo
    your right my OH would probably be upst if he knew
    I guess I just want everyone to think I'm ok & sometimes I just need to have a wee cry.

    It does get easier to deal with as time goess by but you never stop thinking about.

    Sarah I hope your ok

    Take Care
    Helen x x
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