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Help - Feeling very confused and upset

Hi Ladies

I'm hoping that someone can tell me that I'm not going mad!

I had an ERPC following a MMC (at 7-8 weeks) on the 26th May, which was upsetting enough, but since then I have done a number of HPT (Clear Blue with Concetpion Indicator ones), to check my hrmone levels were coming down and in the hope that I woud get a BFN so Hubby and I can draw a line under what has been a very upsetting time and move on.

I did the first test a week after op and it still showed a 3+ weeks pregnant, a week later I tested again and it had dropped to 1-2 weekd pregnant, and I thought great it's heading in the right direction!!! I have tested again today in the hopes that I would now finally have a negative but the test said it had gone back up to between 2-3 weeks pregnant!!!!

I called the EPU and the Doctor has said that I should test again on Monday and if it still shows as positive I have to go back in for another scan, and if it still shows something remaining I may have to have another ERPC :\(

I'm just feeling so confused, upset, angry and useless - I want my body back so we can try again. I don't know if I'm just being impatient, but am really worried as sitting here typing this.

Has anyone else had or heard of this happening???

Thanks for reading.


  • Hey, I have heard of this happening and it turned out she had an ectopic. But is it possible you are pg again? I know you are very raw at the moment but if is there any chance at all? I hope you don't think I am insensitive asking this! xx
  • Hi Socks

    Absolutely no chance what so ever that I could be pregnant - we haven't done the deed in about 8 weeks, which is just before I found out I was pregnant as boobs were so sore and then morning sickness kicked in followed by spotting and then the ERPC etc!!!! Wanted to make sure I got a negative test before we tried again so we knew more or less where we stood should I be lucky enough to fall pg again quickly!

    So the lack of intimacy at the moment is also getting me down - I know it sounds silly but just don't feel like a real woman at the moment as nothing seems to be working properly!!!! :cry:

    C xx :\?
  • Oh hunni I know exactly how you feel. I felt exactly the same when it happened to me, I felt like my body was useless and it let me down, in time you will work through that. I hope you get some answers. I presume they checked you for an ectopic when you had your ERPC xx really hope you get some answers soon, in the meantime look after yourself and hang in there xx
  • Hi Socks

    No they didn't check me for ectopic as we saw our little bean in the correct place at our first early scan at 6+2 - before it all went wrong!!! And between the 1st and 2nd scan our little bean had trebled in size before it's heart stopped :cry:

    So I don't think they're thing along those lines if anything they seem the ERPC didn't get everything. EIther that or I had a dodgy pg test when I got the low reading and I'm panicing over nothing (hopefully!!!).

    C xx
    PS just read your other thread - fingers crossed for you!
  • Aw hun I am so sorry, must be so much worse if you have actually seen your baby, I didn't get that far. Really hope it was a dodgy pg test and you don't have to go through any more heartache.


    Ps, thank you!
  • I know from experience that it can take a long time before the HCG levels drop to a low number so that they do not show up on a pregnancy test. I had my 2nd ectopic at the beginning of May and only received a HCG of 14 last Wednesday, and this was after i had been given the methotrexate. Can't understand why they are not doing regular blood tests, rather than letting you go through the trauma of do hpt's all the time.

    I hope you get there in the end.

  • Well tested again yesterday and still got a positive, but conception indicator had dropped back to 1-2 weeks. Called the EPU as advised and they got me in for another scan today.

    Nurse asked me to go to the loo before the scan (TMI - Sorry!) and after I'd been decide to do a pregnancy test first and wanted me to go again straight away!!!! Still I managed to just!!! Off she went and did a test and it came back negative (FINALLY!!!!), so no scan needed apparently, but she did send me for a blood test to check my hCG levels, will hopefully get those results tomorrow and may have to have another one depending on the results.

    But hopefully I'm heading in the right direction now!!!


  • Hi
    Not really sure what to write as its good to hear you finally have a negative but also really sad - hopefully you can start to move on a bit, when you are ready
    wishing you well
  • Hello. We had our ERPCs on the same day and were approx the same time pregnant and I only got my BFN today on a HPT (and it's possible there was a tiny bit of a line in the wrong direction...but practically there). My HCG was quite high at the time of the ERPC s maybe this applies to us both too and that is why it has taken a while to get back to normal. Good luck with your results x
  • Thanks Girls for the replies, and hope you're all well on the road to recovery.

    Just one other thing (and sorry it's tmi!!!) they said after the ERPC that I may bleed for up to 14 days. I only bled (red blood) for 24 - 48 hours. Since then I've only had pink or brown (old blood?) discharge every so often when I wipe to varying degrees. It's now been 3 weeks sice op and wondered how long this happpens for.

    I mentioned it at the hospital yesterday and they didn't seem to worried, but I forgot to ask how long is not normal!!! Was in too much of a state about being back in the EPU again - was by myself this time and it hit me harder than I had expected!!!

    C xx
  • I think it can be 4-6 weeks. That was actually how long I was told I might bleed for. xx
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