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I have never been on here before, one of the ladies from you and your wedding forum suggested I pick your brains as I am in a bit of a predicament which I wonder if any of you can help me with or if the same has happened to any of you? Sorry I have gone into quite a lot of 'personal detail' below.........hope you don't mind but I thought I would explain fully....

Hub and I have been TTC for about a month, my period was due NYeve but sometimes my cycles swap between 24 and 28 days so when I 'came on' on the 24th day I was a bit disappointed but it was very early days of ttc so wasn't too worried as I had expected it to take time. Anyway this period was very strange and not heavy at all (usually I am straight into normal flow blood for 3 days then tails off 5th-6th day) - this time there was barely anything in the towel just a bit of brown stuff, then when I wiped after a day or so there was red blood when I wiped and that only lasted about a day and wasn't that much really. I've since had more brown discharge and it's tailed off now to a few pinky specs when I wipe. I did a preg test on the day before and the actual day my period should have been due just to be sure and it was neg - so went out nyeve thinking I couldn't have been pregnant.

Anyway I have had this thought that this week that the very light spotting period was unusual for me and my boobs are tender, my cat wont leave me alone....etc and I had a 'feeling' - so to satisfy my nagging mind I did another test last night and today which were both BFP!!!! I cannot believe it and I feel terrible for drinking NYEve now as I was sure I wasn't pregnant image

I'm also really worrying why I had this weird 'semi period' before the BFP, I have a bit of a low dragging tummy ache (all across the bottom on both sides not just one side) on and off and a bit of red blood when I wiped this morning (high up) which now seems to be light browny stuff (nothing in knickers) and am convincing myself it all means something bad. I rang the early pregnancy centre this morning but they are closed until tomorrow, the woman there said some bleeding early on can be normal?!?

Sorry this is long......has anyone experienced anything similar?

Thank you for reading

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  • Hi Hopefulabbie

    I don't often post on here but i just wanted to share my experience with you which is pretty similar to yours!

    We went on holiday last June (having been totally fed up having been trying for a baby for about a year, and 2 mc's in between), so i knew my period wasnt due until we came back from our hols...but on the second day i had a bleed and tummy cramps. So feeling really naffed off, i had a bottle of wine , or two and loads of chocs but my period never really came fully....only spotting and i continued to have cramps and bloated feelings all week long. Was also very emotional........which is unlike me to have any pre-menstrual symptoms.

    Anyway, a week later i did a test and it was positive, and i am now 34 weeks pg with a BIG baby!

    So firstly you may have a good sticky baby who had a good go at bedding in and the bleed is implantation bleeding, but secondly really dont worry about having had a drink at New Year - i'm sure loads of women drink and smoke before they realise they are pregnant, and it wont make any difference!

    Really hope you are ok and that the pg works out for you, oh and Congratulations!

  • hi nooniem,
    thank you so much for your reply thats made me feel a lot better, I know we're all different and I won't get my hopes up yet - but its so good to hear a positive story as all I seem to read on the internet is bad stuff!! I am going to see my GP first thing tomorrow so I'll let you know how I get on. Thank you again xx
  • Good luck tomorrow! Please let me know how things go!

  • hiya, i had the same thing, came off the pill after 6 years and on first month had a couple of days of brown stuff when i wiped.tested the day before af was due and got a faint positive, went to docs and she dione test but said it was negative so sent me for bloodtest that morning.CBD also confimrd positive later that day! i've had bleeding at 9,11,13 and 15 weeks but nothing since. was sent to a&e each time,given an internal and scanned, each saying everything was fine.its a shock to get bfp first time isnt it?
    hope this helps, goodluck
  • hi,
    Just thought I'd let you know how I got on at the Dr's this morning. Had no bleeding or brown stuff at all from about midday yesterday or this morning so felt a bit better, Dr told me its quite normal to have bleeding in the first three months as its hormonal. Have had a very slight pale brown discharge since I've been back home (typical) but I just have to wait and see now. I have to do a test in a week or so and make sure its still positive and then she will arrange an early scan (6 weeks) I think. She said if I was having an ectopic I wouldnt have bleed & I would have been in a lot of pain on one side which I havent been, she also said if I was MC'ing I would have a LOT of blood by now. So still not getting excited but am not quite as worried as I was (but still pretty worried!!).........cor this ttc and pregancy lark is stressful!!! image thanks again for your replies xx
  • HI

    Glad to hear all ok at the docs...i know what you mean about finding it hard trying not to get too excited about it! But like the doc said, the bleeding would get worse and its great news that they are happy to get you in for an early scan.....i beleive that a heartbeat can be detected at about 6-7 weeks, and if found then theres a good chance of a strong viable pregnancy.

    Good luck with the next pregnancy test and hope you get another BFP, and a happy scan!


  • Thanks again Nooniem, I'll keep you posted!
  • Hi Hopefulabbie

    How are you? Have you any idea yet of what may or may not be going on with you yet? I keep checking to see if you have any news, and to see how you are....

    Hope you are ok

    Take care

  • Hi Nooniem,

    I am feeling quite positive at the mo :0) Hope you are well!

    As the week went on after the Dr's the discharge was really only like a very pale browny beige dusky pink colour and got less and less at the week went on, there was barely anything there (not that, that stopped me analysing it everytime I went to the loo!!!) and for the last 4 days I haven't had anything abnormal at all. So for now I am a bit happier,

    Did another test tuesday this week (couldn't help myself) and that came back positive almost immediately (and it was late evening) so that also made me feel a bit better.

    Boobs are still sensitive and I still feel different so am hoping that I am still pregnant and all is ok and that it was just a hormal bleed at the start. (Plus another thing I think may have contributed is that I have an erosion on my cervix which is nothing bad, but I only found this out when we were ttc as I bled after sex which had never happened before, Dr had a look and saw the erosion - I've read that because things are moving and stretching when pregnant this can bump the erosion causing it to bleed, so thats a possibility that I'll mention to doc too)

    But for now I have to wait another week.....aahhh.....until I am supposed to do another test and then I can go to the Dr a week tomorrow. So am keeping my fingers crossed firmly that all will be ok. Am also going to badger her into getting me in for an early scan as I will be over 6 weeks by then so they should be able to get a heartbeat and that will put my mind at rest and I will finally relax....a bit image

    Thanks so much for your message, this site is lovely, its so nice to have people that genuinely are concerned and interested......especially as at the mo we've only told our parents so we dont have anyone else to talk about this stuff too...

    Have a nice week - I'll let you know if I get another BFP next weekend!

    Abbie x
  • Hi Abbie

    Am just checking to see if you're ok!! Are you seeing the doc on Monday ? and have you managed to avoid the urge to test again?! So many questions!

    Really hope that all is ok, and fingers crossed for monday, and definately get an early scan......even if you have to pay for it yourself - the reassurance will be huge

    Have a good weekend and rest all you can, and let us know how you get on...

    Take care

    Natx (nooniem)
  • Hi Nat,

    Just to let you know, I had my early scan at the EPAU at our local hospital on Monday. (had had a dull ache one side all the night before so was fearing the worst again)...BUT my little bean was there in the right place, heart beating well! It was AMAZING to see! And such a relief! Obviously there's a long way to go yet but it is certainly great news for us for now! (7 weeks and 3 days today).

    Thanks again for your kind words and help - it really was comforting to me image

    Thanks Abbie xx
  • thats wonderful news hun xx
  • Hey .Abbie - thats great news!!

    I will look out for your posts now on the pregnancy forum!!

    Keep us updated, and i'm just so pleased for you....take it easy and hope to hear that you have raging morning sickness (in a good way!)

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