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Miscarriage getting me down

I have just miscarried for the 3rd time. My husband and I started trying for a baby in Autumm 2006. After a short time I fell pregnant. Only a few weeks later I started to bleed. I went to hospital and had a scan. They could not see anything, But a pregnancy test said I had been pregnant.
We began trying, but it took 6 months before I fell pregnant again. The same happened, after a few weeks I started to bleed. Again I had a scan which showed nothing, but my blood test said I had been pregnant.
Luckily I was in contact with a fertility nurse, who sent my husband and I for tests. My husband was fine, however I was told I was not ovulating. Therefore not getting regular periods. I was put on tablets to produce a period, After a few months of trying we got nothing. So I was put on Clomid to help me produce my eggs properly. At first it didnt work, so my dose was increased. Finally it worked, but I didnt fsll pregant the 1st month. Then out the blue I fell pregnant. I started with sickness straight away, and was dreadfully tired all the time. I was put off all the spicy foods I normally love. Everything was right.
They brought me in for scans every 2 weeks, and at 7 weeks I was given the picture, and could see the heartbeat perfectly.
However, on my 9 week scan, was give the news it had stoppped growing not long after 7 weeks. I now have to have surgery to remove it.
I just feel like thats it. I cant put myself through anymore. If I get pregnant again, I feel I would be a nervous wreck. No amount of scans would reassure me.
I have just withdrawn myself from things at the moment. I see a baby, or a pregnant woman and I ache with jealousy. I just feel it will never be me. Do I resign myself to the fact it wont happen, or keep positive and think next time is my time.
It is hard not to shut out those you love.


  • Hi has anyone given you any suggestions as to why you are miscarrrying each time? Where I live they will investigate after you have had 3 miscarriages maybe they do where you are too?
    You must be emotionally and physically exhausted after all you have been through but you need to do what is best for you. I had 2 normal pregnancies then when trying for a 3rd had 2 miscarriages straight after each other. I was devestated but desperate for another baby so tried again after a month. I worried myself silly through every day of that pregnancy but was fortunate to have another baby. It must be really difficult for you but I hope you don't give up xx
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