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Ectopic prgnancy??!!

Just ondered if any girls on here hava had one and what thier symptoms were? I have convincied myself i am having an ectopic pg! DH things i am just worring to much am seeing the doc on Tuesday! Oh i am 4 weeks.


  • hey sweety - I belong in TTC really so cna't add anything useful but didn't want to R&R. Really hope it's not ectopic, sending lots of sticky babydust and hoping that your bean is in the right place xx
  • Ectopic symptoms don't normally surface until 7/8 weeks pregnant xx
  • I only went to the EPU at 5 weeks because I started bleeding, when they scanned me, they couldn't see anything in my uterus. Even at seven weeks I never had any pain, which is quite unusual for EP.

    Good luck for Tuesday, I'm sure everything is fine.

    Sam x
  • what makes you think it's ectopic?
  • I have been having pains in my lower ab on right hand side, also backache, i ahve alos developed a pain/ache in my arm that can be a sign! Do you think i am worring about nothing?
  • I had one sided pain at 4-5 weeks on my pregnancy last year and worried it could be ectopic. My GP said it was purely uterine stretching and not to worry (same with the back pain) - it turned out to be a normal uterine pregnancy. Plus i think it's' shoulder tip' pain you would have rather than arm pain and if you had that you would also be feeling quite unwell cuz that pain apparently comes when the ectopic has ruptured! Sorry if this sounds a bit 'know all' - i felt exactly like you did and ended up googling like mad before i spoke to my GP!! Hope this helps a bit x
  • Hi
    I'm new to this site, had ectopic pregancy almost 3 weeks ago, had some discomfort in abdomen but mainly had been bleeding every day for 2 weeks previously (its described as like prune juice!) ectopic didn;t cross my mind but you're doing the right thing by going to your GP - hope it works out for you
  • Thank you girlls for all your replys i went to the doc yesterday and he put my mind at rest and you are right about the shoulder tip pain fairyfaye he said i would be in terribale pain and it would be all the time wheres as mine is off and on! tanks again for all your replys and help!
  • No problem hun. So glad everything is ok and your GP has reassured you - it's a worrying time! Hope you have a H&H 9 months! Fairy x
  • just wanted to say i had an ectopic in january and i had no pain at all it was only because i thought i was 5 weeks pregnant and had a bit of bleeding so went to get it checked out. you were right to get it checked out tho. glad everything is ok for you. :\)
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