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Underactive Thyroid and miscarriage - any connection?

I have an underactive thyroid which is under control and I get my levels checked regularly.
I have suffered 2 missed miscarriages this year and I am now pregnant again.

I have heard of a couple of people that have been in the same position and through a friend of a friend, I heard that one person had changed their medication and this made a difference - has anyone else heard anything similar?

I am desperate to find out anything and double check that I am doing everything possible to hold on to this precious baby. My dr says that as long as my levels are ok then everything should be fine, but GP's don't always know everything especially about unusual things.

Any advice?


  • Hiys. Sorry i cant help you. I just wanted to wish you luck with this pregnancy. Have you had a scan yet? x x
  • Thanks Abbey, no not yet - only 5 weeks going to Dr tomorrow and also get bloods done to check my levels. I have an apt with Gynae dr at hosp in Oct but will be almost 11 wks by then. I will ask for another early scan tomorrow. Last one I had was at 8+5 because my first mmc baby died then, but then the baby died at 9+1 (but didn't know till 12 wks on hol). Don't know when its best to have one - won't feel confident till I've had another scan at 12 wks I think.
    Thanks for your support, it has helped so much speaking to others on this site over the last few months. My first due date would have been next Tues so is preying on my mind even although I am pregnant again, I think everyone will be like this?
  • Hi Jacmac

    I am very interested in what your post says. I too have an underactive thyroid and am on Thyroxide and levels are under control. I have also tested positive for thyroid antibodies, and earlier this year had a mmc. My OH and I are currently ttc but am convinced there is a link...I guess only time will tell.

    We had a scan at 7 wks which showed a healthy heartbeat but when went back at 12 wks the embryo measured at 7wks 2 days, so not really sure when things stopped developing. Having the scan at 7wks made it worse as I felt everything was ok and the 12wk scan was a wet kipper in the face. I am taking things step by step and as soon as I get that BFP I will be off to my GP and hopefully will get some support.

    I am undecided about whether there is a link on not. Many of the places I have researched have said if your levels are under control...blah blah...u ve heard this all before...but my concernis relating to the positive antibodies...have you had a test for this?? I think they also call them autoantibodies??

    Please let me know what the experts say.

    Fingers crossed xx
    Sian X

  • that should read 'Thyroxine'...sorry
  • Hi ladies I too have an under active thyroid and on medication I have a lo who is two and half and currently 23wks pregnant the only difference Ive noticed is that Im a little bit more tired my medication has been increased with both pregnancies and Im under a consultant who checks my blood monthly didnt have any trouble tcc hope this is of help

    sarah x x x x
  • i have had 2 mc both times whilst my partner was on medication to get it under controle do you think this could be linked too?
  • It seems to be only if your own medication is not under control that there could be any issues. My Dr assures me that if my levels and ok then should be fine - I am going to get my bloods checked every month.
    I'm 8+4 and keeping everything crossed at the moment...
  • Will keep mine crossed for you too x x x x
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