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very nice boy very cute xx love ya jamie xx


  • Well, I had my follow up scan this morning, to confirm that the mc was complete and that my womb was clear. It went well, my womb was completely clear, so have been discharged from the epau care.

    It is great news on one hand as I dont need to worry about any further treatment. But on the other it was like a kick in the gut, another reminder of what happened and what I lost.

    Still, at least I can look forward to the future now and concentrate on getting my much wanted bfp. xx
  • Hey,

    I think your attitude towards your experience is very good, I mc last month and boy have things changed for me in the last 5 weeks, my whole outlook on the ordeal has changed from sadness and a sense of failure almost to a life experience that has made me grow as a person & I've developed this strength that I didn't know was there, live and learn is what I say and we'll get there soon i'm sure, but only when it's really the right time image
  • Hi babybump 4. I completely understand teh bitter sweet feeling that you have. You can move on, but the sense of loss is also immense as everything becomes real. I took a pregnancy test the other day (3 1/2 weeks after miscarriage to check that the preg hormones had gone - was hoping i t would be negative so i know my body is getting back on track, but still felt so sad to see the neg result as last time the preg test brought so much joy. Like suzy-q said - you have a great attitude, and the re4sults of teh scan mean you can move on and try again if and when you want to. Good luck - BEX
  • Thanks guys x

    I am starting to feel more positive lately. While I will never forget my little bean, I feel able to move on and look forward again.

    It WILL be our turn again, and very soon! I just know it. And we will be fabulous mummy's! image good luck to you both, take care xx
  • bb4 glad to hear you are starting to feel more positive but i can understand how you feel when you went for the scan for confirmation.

    it will be our turns again, and hopefully we will all get sticky perfect little beans next time. i just have to learn to be patient!

    big hugs xx
  • hi babybump4 i am sorry to read your posts and know exactly how you feel but i feel compelled to write more positive things to match your positive attitude.. i misscarried twins in oct 2006 really cruelly lost one on the thursday then the other on the tue and had to have a d&c but i fell very quickly (the dec) with my little angel and she is a happy healthy 8 month old now so what im saying is get back on that saddle girl and get trying as you are more fertile after you mc don't know why but it took 2 1/2 years to get preg with the twins and 2 months with Abby after mc hope you ok and wish you loads of sicky baby dust
    fea x
  • Thanx all! x

    fea, so sorry for your tragic loss hun, it must have devastated you to lose your precious twins. Glad you caught so quickly after tho, and your little girl is gorgeous! (love the glasses!) I fully intend to get straight back in the saddle, and am keeping my fingers tightly crossed that you are more fertile after mc (is that really true?)

    Thank you all for your lovely messages and support. You are all stars! xxxx
  • hi i love wat u r doin i know a mc is a devasting time but i had my 2n m/c last week and all ikeep sayin is 3rd time lucky ppl think this i odd but i just crnt wait 2 be a mum after my dreams hav bein shattered twice .. glad t hear ur ttc .. c u in th forum xxx lots ov baby dust xx
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