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miscarriage-i feel lost

I just had a miscarriage on friday and I was 2 months along. I definitely want to try again, but I am so afraid that this will happen again, how do you deal with that? It was my first miscarriage, but I just never expected it and I was trying for a year to become pregnant, I dont know how to wait that long again. I just feel so empty.
Also, even though my husband and I try to support and understand eachother, since the miscarriage I feel like he should think its my fault and I would almost understand if he wouldnt want to be with me. Did anybody else ever feel like it? When I told people what happened I just felt like they thought he deserves better. I am getting jealous, which usually isnt me at all.
Any advice?


  • Hello lilibet. I am really, truely sorry for what you have been through. i had a miscarriage on thursday after fidning out at the 12 week scan that teh baby had died at 81/2 weeks. I feel so lost as well, and have blamed myself also. My boyfriend and i are very open though and talk a lot - you and your partner should talk about what you are feeling. IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT - they say that most miscarriages happen because of chromosomal abnormalities which can be due to either the sperm or egg or both and either way, it is still no ones fault. it doesn't make the pain any less though. It is weird isn't it that in just a few weeks, you can grow to love your baby so much and there is this empty feeling when it has been taken away. I read that often, your fertility is quite high after a miscarriage. My boyfriend and i are going to try very soon (i am due a smear test first but as soon as that is done, we shall try again). I asked my boyfriend to buy me a soft teddy (it is a rhino), it makes me feel nice to hug it (might sound silly but it is helping me a little). XXXX I wish i could give you a great big hug XX

  • hi hun, what youre felling is normal. i had a d and c at 9 weeks last feb and until my af showed up last month my hormones were all over the place, i was constantly nagging dh and was smiling one minute , crying the next and feeling so angry and empty all the time. Its so complicated because u cant control how u feel, as the emotions are so strong. But i can tell u, it does get better, just give your mind and body time to heal properly-i too had been ttc for 13 months- and u cant start ttc again when you????re both ready. We have decided to ttc again this month.
    Good luck hun and dont feel guilty its just normal that youre feeling down, try and talk it out and cry if u have too its all part of the healing process. Massive hugs xxxx
  • Hiya Lilibet. I also had a mmc beginning of feb so know exactly how you feel. I'm still up and down three months later and think I will be until I have a healthy pregnant. No-one can make you feel any better but just to let you know my friend had a miscarriage after a year of trying. She got pregnant straight away after her first period. Just try again when you feel ready. Take care xxx
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