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Bleeding ?2nd MC

well i miscarried in december and after a BFp 2 days ago the same is happening. Am trying for my 2nd child and feel this will never happen.
I am bleeding at present and was spotting yesterday but now heavier, no real cramps but am sure this is not good news. Am feeling very down despite dr and midwife saying this could still be ok. Thing is pregnancy test was BFN this am and hah had 4 positives in last 2 days.
Ladies i'm not sure i can handle this again, i'm sorry as some of you have had a tougher time than me.
Filo x


  • filo hunny, i'm so sorry your in this position again, bleeding doesn't always mean mc, i know you alrady know this and no matter what anyone says you will still worry. I know nothing i can say will make it any better, but please no that i am thinking of you and praying that things are going to be okay, just take it easy, let us know how things are going.
    big hugs
    love lyndsay
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