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I am really lost today

Everyone has been so supportive of everything I am feeling I felt I had to get this off my chest here. I had a shite day yesterday and today because for some reason 5 days after my curette my body has decided to play a cruel joke on me and go back to acting like its pregnant :\(. Its not nice and just a terrible reminder to me of what has happened. Why now? Has my body been confused and bewildered for the last 5 days and then decided I know what I'll do I'll just act pregnant? Is it normal for this to happen, even the brown rings you get around your nipples have turned up again even though they faded alot when my bleeding started to get heavier when pregnant. I feel more pregnant now than when I was actually pregnant. All I can think is why! Its unfair and annoying and I am wondering if I did a pregnancy test would it show me just how strong my hcg levels still are because it seems so screwy after my body going through the whole curette and everything why it doesn't understand its not pregnant. I am like what if this doesn't stop and my body stays this way till my 6 week check up. Seems effed up to me and am wondering if anything what the doctor will do for me if this doesn't stop. I mean jeez has my body not been around the last week alot has happened tiem for it to wake up and catch up on the recent news.


  • oh libranaster
    I was in that exact situation, i had my D&C and ithe nausea was there and sore boobs, for a month, my ******* doxtor refused to give me a follow up scan!!!!!! so i went to another doctor who discovered that i have retained tissue that was still producing pregnancy hormones, and after more than a month after my D&C, my HCG was 11, and tissue came out of me.

    So perhaps, you still have some retained tissue that will come out later, or your hormones are still dropping but not fast enough. I think all will be cleared in your check up.

    Good luck hun
    Renee xx
  • Sorry you are going through this hun.

    You can do a pg test, if you feel you can face it. But it will come back positive.

    Your body has been through a lot, and it probably is still confused. The hormones take a while to settle.

    I hope you feel better soon, and the symptoms go. I'm lucky, I didn't feel pg as soon as my ERPC was done. (Although I can only see that now). xx
  • Yeah I think my hormones might be a bit slow to respond I have noticed things are backing off a little more today. My body is just so confused its not funny and I can't blame it.
  • You're right, it's not funny. I was still getting morning sickness up to a week after my EPRC. I have a friend had it worse than me as she had gone natural route after mmc and everything took a lot longer for her. If you don't feel it's going in the right direction I'd book into GP rather then wait for 6 week appt.

    Not that it helps you right now, but it does get better, body first, mind next and emotion one day perhaps. It just takes time.
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