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I thought i was strong

So, here is what is going on. Just a reminder, i was 4wk6days when i bled , it stopped immediately, scanned and told it is too early to see anything, 5wk1 day, i bled again significantly, had a scan, baby wa fine but there was a big hematoma in the uterus. I layed on my back for 2 weeks, had a scan 2 days ago (7wk+1) hematoma smaller, baby size great but no more heart beat. A missed miscarriage, so unexpected, all that time i was worrying about bleeding.
I still didnt bleed, so ironic that i bled when my baby was alive now that he is dead i dont, and i shall have my D&C on Thursday.
One of my friends just called me to tell me that she is pregnant and about to finish her first trimester, i am so happy for her and i wish her a healthy pregnancy, but i just couldnt stop crying. I just miss my baby and i wish he was alive, but my poor baby was through alot. I just dont know if i can ever get pregnant again, i have never been so sad. I am not jealous, it just reminded me that it could have been me. I agreed with my husband that we will not try again for a while, i am emotionally depleted and not ready for that kind of stress although i would die for a baby.


  • oh sweetie im so sorry for your loss
    you will start to feel better soon just give yourself time to grieve ive just gone through my second mmc but ive also got to gr8 girls. but it was my first preg when i had my first mmc and i remember thinking that maybe i couldnt have kids it was horrible but as i just said ive got 2 good luck with your d and c if you need to talk the girls here are gr8 take your time hhave a good cry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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