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i feel rubbish

hi everyone

i'm still recovering from my ERPC last week. i have moments when i think my bleeding has stopped then all of a sudden it is quite heavy, and so on.

but i am also experiencing tummy troubles and wondered if anyone else has had anything similar following a mc? I suffer from IBS anyway but it wasn't that bad in the weeks i was pg. but since then i've wanted to go to the loo quite a bit, yesterday morning i woke up with stomach cramps and needed the loo (not the runs but certainly not constipated).
and i've had really bad heartburn for days now. just wondered if this is my body reacting to my miscarriage or something completely unrelated? just wondered if change in hormones etc could have caused it.

i feel so miserable and it's raining outside which adds to my misery.



  • hia
    sorry to hear you are feeling so rubbish.
    After my mmc I had tummy troubles for a few weeks so it's quite normal. It takes quite a while for your body to recover from a mc and it's only the last few weeks that i have felt better and i had a mmc in feb.
    it is so hard to gt over a mc but you will get there.
    take care
  • I Mrs E,
    I also had tummy trouble for about 2 weeks after. Just to let you know, after my erpc, i bled for about 9 weeks. I was really worried, and docs were no help, ended up having panic attacks, and an ecg, and then internal scan as they were not sure if anything was left follwing op (nothing was left), has hormone tablets, and went on pill to try and stop bleeding, however it all sorted itself out. The period pains went on for quite a long time. Just wanted to let you know, as i had no one to talk to and felt quite isolated.
    Take care
  • thank you for your replies image

    am glad to hear it isn't just my body trying to confuse me. you don't get told any of this about having a mc do you?!

    chocolate cake sorry to hear it took a while for you to heal but am glad that you are ok now.

  • No your don't get told anything - I had a dodgy tumb as well and seemed to be frequently going for a NO 2! (sorry about that)-
  • me too! Like you mrs_e its not the runs but def not constipated either. I have been really 'lucky' with my mc (if you see what I mean) as I only had heavy bleeding for the first 3 days, it then tapered off to no worse than a light af for about a week. Its stopped completely now. Didnt have any cramps either. Just backache during the actual mc.

    Hope you feel better soon hun. And it seems the dodgy tum is pretty normal. Take care xx
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