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MC and TTC

I need some advice really, I MC two weeks ago at 3 months and had DNC, I am still bleeding lightly and just wondered if anyone else had this and how much longer it lasted?
also I was advised not to try again for 2 months and I want to try again when bleeding stops...anyone else done this or would this just cause me problems if we were lucky enough to fall again?


  • Hi Helen
    I'm sorry for you loss.

    In july at 11wks 2dys preg I had very light brown spotting, I was sent for a scan. We found out I'd had a MMC, they could see 2sacs measuring 8wks but no babies. We were devastated.
    I chose to have pessaries 1st as I'd already started bleeding naturally so thought they would work.
    But after spending 24hrs in hosp & still no sign of sacs I decided to have a d&c, by this point it was over a wk since we 1st found out & just wanted it to be over.
    I bled for a few days then had brown discharge for a week.

    I was told we could try from 2wks after d&c but I decided I wanted to have my 1st AF. 1st AF arrived 31dys after d&c.
    I think they say wait a few mths so your emotionally ready.

    2nd mth TTC for us now I should OV this week so I'v got my fingers crossed. Sorry I'v gone on abit, I know I found it helpful knowing other people had been through a similar situation.

    Take Care
    Love Helen x x x

  • Hi Helen,
    I think we may have chatted before on this site when it first happened a couple of weeks ago. I had a simular experience, they found an empty sac but never said how far I was (it was three months from first day of last period) just said nothing had developed.
    I do feel quite ready to TTC again but I am the worse person for waiting, the three months seemed to drag on! we were trying for 2 yrs to get that far!
    I was surprised they told you two weeks after D & C when they said two months to me?
    I think I will just take each week as it comes and see how I feel when bleeding stops? I may wait until first AF but that seems like so far away!
    TC and lots of baby dust to you, fingers crossed...oh and dont apologise for talking thats what everyone is here for, and me.
  • Hi
    We prob have spoke before, I forget things, I'd blame it on my age but I'm only 28. :\)
    I was told the babies prob only developed for a few weeks, thats the only information I was given.

    2 nurses told me that physically you can TTC right away, I think they tell you to wait longer so your ready emotionally.

    You'v prob heard that your more fertlie for a few mths after a MC so it might not take you long to get preg nxt time.

    I'm sure your AF will be here soon, I feel the weeks are going so fast. Its 3mths since my MMC its gone by so quick.
    Good luck & take care
    Love Helen x x

  • Hi,
    Dont worry I blame my age all the time I'm only 31 but feel older as my OH is only 28 and always reminds me that I am ''getting on''! lol
    Thats interesting what the nurses have told you, I have heard from many other peopke that I would be more fertile for the next couple of months so think will TTC as soon as I am pysically ready.
    Thanks for all your responses and I will look out for future post's to see how things go for you.
  • Hi
    I'm 1mth exactly older than my OH, my bday 18/4/79 his 18/5/79, so for that mth he finds it highly amusing to say hes still 27 & I'm 28.

    Good luck with everything & look forward to speaking to you soon.

    Love Helen x x
  • You too
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