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a bit of advice please girls

hi girls, after a bit of advice for my friend she is reading the posts on here but dosnt want to post herself just yet
. she found out yesterday she had a miscariage she was 14 weeks. she went in today to have a D&C and had hte baby etc. she is really sufering with tummy pains anyone know how long these last and if anyone has any advice for her please share. i have never experienced this so i cant offer much advice.

thanks girls



  • yeah i believe she has to see doc for a check 48 hours after.. thanks girls. x
  • big hugs to your friends, i bled for two weeks after my miscarriage, but the pain was about 4 days, although i didnt have a d + c. the obvious bath will help. but not too hot
    i had to return 2 weeks later for a scan
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