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thanx girls this is the second mmc ive had so i knew really befor the scan but id hoped i was wrong an being paraniod its easier this time around as im lucky to have 2 fab girls. although if i hear the phrase its one of those things again i may punch someone lol also thought we hadnt toldd many people but now realising how many people we did tell.
hub is cut up as with our first 2 i was the one who vioced wanting them this time it was him and we were soo excited. hes gone to work today and i think hes dreading seeing everyone as he had to tell his forman so they wouldnt make hm take yesterday of sick and gave him hols also so he can have monday off when i go for my d and c also had made mistake in telling our 5 year old we were having a baby and she was really chuffed so had to tell her yesterday that silly mummy made a mistake and there was never a baby dont think she believes us lol sorry to ramble on take care xxxxx


  • *Hugs*

    I hope everything goes smooth at hosp on Monday for you faithm.. I hated the fact i told so many people.. (or should i say my mother told so many people!) next time im not going to say a word to anyone untill i am at least over 3 months!

    Feel better soon...Thinking of you =) Xx
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