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I'm back...well sort of...

Hi ladies - I'm back - I've been off the boards for xmas and new year! But I'm back - because of my ectopic my gyne has said I need a lap and dye before I get put back on the clomid. So I am booked in for Friday - I hope to ttc after that!

I'm sooooo scared - never had an operation before!!!

Hope to see some of you over in the ttc after miscarriage soon!



  • good luck!!xxx
  • Hello there stranger !!! had wondered where you got to missy ;\)

    i'm not on here near as much but always look out for you. No point really coming on im not ttc or anywhere near ready just pop into TTC to check on latest BFP's theres a lot of who i knew gone now hopefully to their pg forums! i come in here looking for you & gem who seems to have vanished too, although she could be in one of the others too but i never venture out of these so if you come across her please say Hello from me.

    I did post a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! to you no doubt you missed it so consider this a second anniversary wish!

    By the way WTF is a lap & dye???????:\?

  • By the way WTF is a lap & dye??????? :\? LMAO!!!!!

    It's where they do a laproscapy " lap" - camera thingy in through a small hole in the tummy - then they put a blue dye in your uterus and if the dye runs out the end of your tubes you have clear tubes - if it doesn't then they are blocked.

    Because of my inconclusive ectopic pregnancy - because they didn't see it in the tubes etc - and they didn't get sufficents tests on the linning I passed - becasue I flushed it (no effing nirse told me to keep it if that happened...grrr) - so Private doc thinks this is the best thing to do!!!

    I didn't see any posts hun - I'm so sorry - but I did get your email - I did email you back didn't I. I have stayed away from here as I wasn't trying - I just didn't feel up to it! Plus was so busy over christmas which was really nice.

    Hows you doing? How was your christmas? How long til TTC now?

    Not seen Gem for a while! Will be sure to say hello if I do!



  • P.S. - Just looked for your Happy Anniversary post - and posted a reply! I never go in TTC which is why I didn't see it - I'm in long term TTC as nearly been at all this ttc stuff for 2 years now - oh lucky me!!!!


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  • yeh you did email back hon.

    i'm ok still getting that pain had scan friday first off Sonographer wasnt very nice she looked at me & said so are you 19 weeks pregnant?? wanted to scream no but i should be you insensitive b*tch!! went downhill from there! consultant said its weird but if still suffering in a month he will go in & remove whats left but i may lose my tube. Funny thing though scan was soooo sore brought tears to my eyes & would have gladly punched sonographer in the mouth had i been allowed!! she didnt see anything but since sat pain much less in fact i barely felt anything today bit strange but good for me if it keeps up. even though they could not see anything doc presuming its old blood & tiny clots still in there & because there is no "traffic" his words theres nothing to pass it through the tubes so we have to wait for nature to take its course, but i shall be back after 6 weeks if it continues.

    we cant TTC until April/May but TBH i'm scared!! what if it happens again, do i want to put myself through this shit again? i have 3 beautiful babies already i'm truly blessed am i pushing my luck wanting a forth? Anyway i have 4 new babies to welcome into the world before then imageimage 1 as we speak is in labour & prob about to push anytime now! the other 2 will be here friday - 2 of my favourite ladies giving birth in the one week how cool is that! the last another mate due end feb.

    Take care you & best of luck after your weird operation (never heard of it)

    KJxx (sorry another Trademark long post :rollimage

  • Hi ya, quick post.

    Thanks hun. Hope your pain stops soon!

    GEM has put a post on pregnancy after miscarrige asking how everyone is.

    Chat to you soon.

  • thanks,
    best of luck tomorrow heres hoping its good news be sure to update.

  • Thanks hun! I'm just waiting around at the moment - with a lost look on my face! Why is it time flies sometimes - but when your waiting for something like this it drags???

    Hows the pain - has it gone? Is it like a dull ache? I still get it on my right side now and again - I just assume it's my body sorting it's self out!

    My boyfriedn told me last night - that because I had a virus last week - they might not do the op today - so I'm a bit scared I'll get sent home and have to go through this painful waiting again!!! I won't know til I get there!

    I got a letter telling me it's going to cost just over ??2000 as I'm paying to go private! Ouch! But hey it has to be done - and I'd be waiting another 6 months if I went through NHS!

    I did a test this morning - it was negative - I thought it would be - but it's always disapointing to see one line - even if you know there's only going to be one line!

    Right well I best find something to do for the last half hour before my OH comes home for work to take me!

    Catch ya later

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