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Will things get better-more bad news

Just before we lost our baby my partner was told he was to become a Grandad the same month our baby was due (September.)
Unfortunately his son's girlfriend is a control freak and stopped him having any further contact with my OH (no reason for this-in fact we supported them both when neither of them were working or contributing in any way for months!) but got second hand reports that their pregnancy was progressing well and they had booked in for a private scan to find out baby's sex so they could start buying clothes and get the nursery decorated.Yesterday OH got a call from his Mum to say she'd had a text from OH's son letting her know that the baby (a boy) had been born at 25 weeks 4 days ago and died at one day old. OH is devastated. His first Grandchild has died and he wasn't even told he had been born. All we know is the baby's name, no other details. OH tried talking to his son when we lost our baby but she stopped him calling back, and now OH has tried contacting his son but no response. I am angry and also devastated. I also feel guilty-when we lost ours I said it was so unfair (even though they'd had an ectopic 18 months ago) and was jealous. I even said she didn't deserve a baby after the way she treats people-and now this. We are still trying to conceive again-no luck so far. Not a good year for the little ones in this family. Sorry to post in here but writing things down helps me get things sorted in my head and I generally go on this thread.:cry:


  • Hi, if your OH's Son is going to listen to his girlfriend and not talk to you or your OH then I would not bother to try and contact him. It is very sad what has happened but you only try/do so much for some people in life. You should concerntrate on your realtionship and life with your OH, be happy and think of all happy times/thoughts and think of a lovely future together.. Life is short and can be cruel but life is so precious and we have to look at the good things and people around us ...... You should keep coming on this website, their are loads of kind people on here for support etc xxx
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