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Has anyone heard of the theory....

That a miscarriage in a first pregnancy is like a practice run for your body?

Have heard this a few times, im probably just trying to make myself feel better! xxx


  • Somebody told me this when I had a very early miscarriage with my first. As far as it goes for me I got pregnant again a few months later with Millie who is now 18 months and I am now 24 weeks with a little boy so it does seem to be true in my case.
    Apparantly something like 50% of women lose their first but because most of the time they are not trying to get pregnant and it happens so early it is just passed off as a late period.
    Hope that helps make you feel better!
  • Thanks Kerry, every positive story helps xx
  • I've also heard this before. I miscarried my first pregnancy but fell pregnant again a few months later just like bedhead. I now have 3 children and am currently trying for a 4th. ( soz, gatecrashing from ttc forum )
    Hope these positive stories help you. xx
  • Hi I have heard this too. Two of my friends had a miscarriage and then have gone on to have two healthy children each.
    I had a mc in January so I am hoping it is true too!
  • I had heard that. My first pregnancy ended in a v early mc at 6 weeks, and now I have a 13 yr old, a 9 yr old, then had another mc in Jan 07 and was back pregnant again in the March and had Violet in November! So even an old bird like me (41) got pregnant quickly after a mc, so stay positive!! xxx
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