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In Memory...

....of My Poppet

I know some people dont like to post these as signatures so i thought we could have a little rememberance page (Sorry if its been done loads i just thought it would be nice...i cant sleep hence the time and just thought i would make my little rememberance ticker for my angel) even without tickers i thought we could all post in rememberance (whether your angels have names or not) hope no one minds this post and no one has to post if they dont want to but i think its nice anyway....


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  • Awwwww that is the sweetest thing I have ever seen and I think it is so important to have something like that. When we lost our son 18-19 weeks through my pregnancy before I had my two kids I wrote a poem for him. I still have it and it helped so much to let my pain out that way. It helps remind me of my sadness at loosing him and I know some people would think thats bad but I actually like it. It reminds me I am alive and human that I miss him so much.

    Thats why forums like this a good so we can remember our babies with people who understand. Just because they weren't with us for long doesn't mean we don't mourn.
  • We have done this before, but definitely no harm in doing it again! Thank you. xx

  • Thank you Lauz...I didn't know about this.

    In memory of our two angels....
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    [img noborder]

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  • I made some of these a few months back to go on my blog :\)

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  • And my last one...

  • Also just bumping this up too as i thnk its a nice way to remember...

  • Im not very good with computers but i will never forget my little one we lost as he/she fell asleep at 7 weeks 2 days.
    This is the only post that has made me cry.
    Sweet dreams to all our angels

    Annette xx
  • Sorry it made you cry Annette (that wasnt my intention with the post) My baby also feel asleep at 7 weeks 2 days so i suppose we do seem to be quite similar at the minute....

    None of us will ever forget pur babies and i think its nice (not being the best word given the situation) that we can all remember and talk about our lost babies (if we wish) with people who understand....rather than just forget about it and get over it as i have found most people seem to expect as luckily for them they cant understand the pain that miscarriage brings as they dont see the loss as a baby like we do.

    That was the purpose of the thread.

  • Hi Annette, I have copied this link in case you would like to make your own rememberance ticker.

    We can help you if you get stuck. xx
  • Thankyou mithical will have a look & give it a try.
    Lauz its not you who made me cry i just found it very emotional & its sad that we have all had to go through this. But im glad ive got yous to talk wiyh as i dont have any fam near me they all stay 180 miles away & mil stays beside us & hasnt even came to see us since we had our loss. I dont think anyone can comprehend what we are going throuh if they havent been through it themselves.
    Anyway thankyou ladies.
    Annette xx
  • That was a good idea to post the link mithical thanks for that...

    It is horrible Annette but also comforting as although i wouldnt wish mc on anyone i am also glad that i have people to talk to who understand - we may not 'know' each other but i have had no support at all apart from my hubby and so i have found this site a huge help in being able to offload a little recently....

    Where abouts are you from mrsalston?

    I think a meet up would be nice but as we all seem to stay so far away...i will just continue to think on all you lovely ladies as my 'virtual' frieds and be glad of the support provided through here.

  • Im from nairn. Up the north of scotland. The highlands near inverness.
    What about you??

    Annette xx
  • Oh thats where me and my hubby are looking to move to in the next few years as we really liked it there when we went to visit!!!!

    Im in Glasgow....we dont want to leave Scotland (very patriotic lol) but want a 'quiter' life and somewhere nice to bring up our children (which hopefully we are going to have) and nairn and a few other places round about Inverness are were we are looking at!

  • Thats so weird!!
    I love it up here. Moved here 8 yrs ago with my ex through his job,well to inverness but my boy was only 2 so moved to nairn as its lovely for kids. Hes 9 now! We seperated then i met my husband so stayed otherwise i might have caved & moved down beside my fam. They stay in fauldhouse,dont know if you know it? its in between glasgow & edinburgh.

    Would recommend it!
    Annette xx
  • We would really love do move up there if possible!

    Im from Glasgow and hubby EK originally - i always said i wouldnt move away as i like to be close to my family but since my mum died i feel like there is nothing keeping me here (re my other post about my sister not talking to me and my aunt not caring and im not close to my dad either) so why not? Hubby isnt particularly close to his family anyway and would love to move to New Zealand but i dont think i could go that far - we also like Ireland but have decided it would be nice to move up north somewhere nice and quiet as we have been up that way for weekends etc....

    It probably wouldnt be possible for at least 5 years (which is a bit depressing) as we would have to sell our house first and hubby would also have to earn a bit more (he is self employed with a small company which he would need to expand up that way and prob still work from Glasgow a few days a week) as up there we wouldnt have any family to help with babysitting so it would have to be full time nursery which i dont like the idea of or me giving up work which is the ideal but more realistic i think to do part time work and part time nursery so at the minute its just a dream but its gone from hubby mentioning it as a passing comment to seriously thinking about it and planning for it now.....

    I have seen a few houses i love the look of and wish i could by (the joys of rightmove lol) and just from the pictures i could imagine us with a family growing up in it (sad i know) and wish i had the money right now as if we could afford to move tomorrow we would without a second thought. We've been in out house 2 years and its a new build and a nice house (we bought a bigger house than we needed so we didnt need to move if we have a family so theres plenty of room but its a want to move rather than a need to move as 2 years ago my mum was alive and well so i wouldnt even have considered moving far away - im just outside of Glasgow and my mum thought that was the middle of nowhere as she didnt drive!) its a nice area and quite quiet with no trouble but nothing exciting either and at the end of the day although we have spent money decorating it to how we like its only paint and carpets would be left behind really so not too much money wasted as any furniture and pcitures and accessories etc would prob all move with us! We would like one more move up north into a 'forever' home but i think only option of it happening is going to be in a new build development somewhere where they would give us part exchange....

    Sorry this has got me all excited thinking about it again lol...its a nice thought anyway (and prob more of a dream than a possible reality) but hopefully one day it will happen. I hope we are lucky enough to be blessed with a family and i would love to bring them up somewhere away from Glasgow...


    P.s I havent been to fauldhouse but i know where it is .

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