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What were your periods like after mc?


Just wondering if anyone can offer and advice about periods after mc?

I had a mmc in December and have had 2 af since. They have been much heavier than before the mc with lots of clots (sorry if this is tmi). I am so worried about this that I am considering going to see the doctor, but thought I would see first if this was normal. I had heard that it is usual for the first af after mc to be heavier but I'm feeling confused now.

The other thing was that my last 2 cycles have been much longer! They used to be 34 days (Which I thought was bad enough) but the last 2 have been 39 days and 40 days. Again has anyone else had this and did your cycles go back to normal and how long did it take?

I'm sorry for all the questions but my body feels so mucked up after everything, that it just feels like it will never be possible to get pregnant again. :cry:

Any advice at all would be great. Thanks xxx


  • Hiya,

    I had a mmc at the end of december. Like you I have had 2 af's since mmc. They have been alot more painful and alot heavier than they were before had the mc. I think it is probably normal, did you have an erpc? I've just put it down to the surgical procedure/mmc and my body getting back to normal. My first af turned up after 40 days and then my second af came after 30 days which is short for me as my cycle before the mmc was 34 days.

    Sorry to hear of your loss. It's so hard isn't it. I find that things seem to feel better and then I have days when I feel really upset and want to have a good cry! The desire to get pregnant again is hard. Each month since the mmc I've been so upset when af has turned up as I really hoped I ould get a bfp.

    I think if you're really worried it might be better to go to your doctors just for your peace of mind but going from my experience it sounds pretty normal.

    Bernadette x
  • Hello,
    I had a mc in January and have had 2 af since the 1st one was at 32 days after mc heavier and really painful the 2nd one I have just had it was at 33 days but back to normal but still painful although my cycle is longer it does seemed to have settled down now which I am pleased about

    Karen x
  • i mc in jan ad 2 af.s since they r heavy ... after a mc
  • Thanks for all you replies. My af seems to be coming to an end now so I'm feeling a little bit more relaxed about things now.

    I think I will see how things go this month and if my cycle is the 40 days or more I will go to see the doctor. It's just such a long time to wait each month, I'm not sure if there is a way to kick start my body again.

    Bernadette, I had a mmc and went in for a erpc on 27th December. A truly awful Christmas! I have bought a Clear Blue fertility monitor to use this month. I'm hoping that it will take away some of the stress of knowing when the most fertile time is each month. The statistics show a good success rate. Is this your first time ttc?

    Let's hope things get a bit better for us soon. keeping fingers crossed for us all. xxx
  • Hi Shrewpin,

    Snap! I've bought a clearblue monitor as well! I started using it about a week ago. Looking forward to getting a high and peak reading! I went for a 12 week scan on 27th December and was told that I had mc and then had a erpc on the 28th Dec. It seems a bit hazy now thinking back to when it happened. I've got a little girl who is 2 so I'm ttc my 2nd.

    Fingers crossed that we get our bfp's soon and good luck with the monitor. There seems to be a lot of ladies using this site who have invested in one.

  • Hi Greeneyes

    It's good to know that there are people out there that know exactly how I feel and what I've been through, although not good to know how common mc is. I really had no concept of it before. A friend of mine had an eptopic pregnancy and then a mc and whilst I was very sad for her, I didn't really grasp how she must have been feeling until now. I sometimes get very upset that my friends/family seem to have forgotten about what I've been through but I guess they don't and can't really understand.
    I'm so glad that I have got my cbfm now, takes some of the worrying out of the whole process of ttc. I was using one with my last pregnancy as I was taking part in a trial with it. It took 4 months last time round so we will see what happens. Not sure when to expect a peak this month as cycles are so much longer, previously I was getting them on day 18 and 19. I am a little worried that as you do the first test on day 6, even using 20 test sticks it may not be enough to pick up ov. I guess I will just have to wait and see, God I am such a worrier, am I the only one????
    Lets hope we get some good news soon, I think we deserve it. Keep me posted. xxx
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