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  • I had a mmc nearly 3 years ago (on the day that was both mother's day & my sister's birthday) so there's always a constant reminder. I was lucky that the baby came away naturally & I didn't need a D&C or anything but it was still an awful experience.

    After reading your posts my heart really does go out to you, you have had a horiffic time. I am now 31 weeks pregnant again & every day I am petrified that something is going to go wrong but try to think positively.

    Time is a great healer & I believe you will both be Mum's one day. I work in a crematorium in NI & we hold a service each year for women who have suffered miscarriages, stillbirths or have had their babies die young & this poem came from last years service- i hope it brings some comfort to you.

    Lauren xx

    The other side of midnight
    Not so many miles away
    Wrapped in hazy memories
    Our new-born babies play

    Tended safe by unknown hands
    In a place we cannot see
    Our babies live another life
    From earthly cares set free

    From the other side of midnight
    They visit us in sleep
    Caress our grief with infant hands
    When in our dreams we weep

    Though in our darkest days we seem
    A million miles apart
    In time we learn that other place
    Is really in our hearts

    The other side of midnight
    At last we learn to see
    Our babies live within us
    Cradled in our memory
  • thank you all again for all your lovely comments..
    lets hope we all feel a little more positive soon.. xx
  • so sorry abou your loss hun, thanks for sharing your story, u will have a beautiful baby angel waiting for u to hug one day, im sure of that! you have been so brave! i had a d and c last feb and i found it really hard but its nothing compared to your story, hope u get pg again soon as u deserve it, hugs xxxx
  • didnt want to read and run, would just like to say you sound like a really strong and brave person. No one should have to go through this experience but you have come out of it with such bravery. i am sure that one day soon you will have you much deserved baby in your arms, and i hope you keep positive and know that none of this was anyones fault, these things just happen and you have a great chance of having another healthy baby.

    Nina x
  • pushing this up to the top...
  • I am sorry to have read your post..You sound so brave and I hope you are doing okay with this happening again too you. I am sure they are both looking down on you. You take care and all the best to you and your husband. xx
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