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drs aggred 2 test me after 2 m/c

wel a back after 2 mc and hospital told me thy cdnt test for any problems unless m/c the 3rd tme spoken to sum ov u girls on ere hu av giv me some great advice and i phone doctors and explained my situation and thy have aggred t c me and reall happy becasue i wi now get to now if i am miscarrying 4 a reason .. thanks to all th girls hu replyed to my recent post xx


  • Good luck hun, I hope you get the answers and help you need. Take care xx
  • You are a very lucky lady to be seen after only 2 mc as this is not normal policy but at the same time it's great news, I think it's cruel they make us go through this 3 times before doing it and if you have a full term child and then continually mc they don't do anything as they say you should begrateful for one child. It's awful, I'm on my 4th mc and only this time do they send off what they remove for genetic testing.

    I really really hope you get the answers you need, we have had several tests in the last month and we hope to get our results in 6-8 weeks with an answer to the problem and if not who knows where we go from there.

    Keep us posted and let us know how you get on.

    Hep xx
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