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Feeling a bit down

Hi Everyone.

I had a M/C in November last year at 4wks and husband and I are trying again now but I'm not due till next week so just waiting for AF. I think I actually dealt with the whole thing pretty well but some days I seem to have really bad days where I think about it a lot. I'm so frustrated with all this waiting for AF I keep thinking I would be 4 months pregnant if I hadn't m/c I'm fed up with my job and I'm desperate to leave and start a family which I didn't feel like before. I guess its a case of you don't know what you've got till its gone. I know there is no magic answer I just feel like I need to speak to someone who can understand how desperate I feel.

S. x


  • big hugs!!! it sucks doesnt it just try to go with the flow if you feel down let yourself be down also it helps me me and oh mark the due date we had every year with some quiet time for just me and him xxx
  • My due date was a week before my birthday and I was imagining me and my baby having joint birthday parties when he/she grew up. Silly huh!
    The worst thing is that more and more, I think I'm feeling like this today because its actually PMT and I'm not pregnant. I can't test till Saturday but i'm not 'feeling' preg either. it's all very depressing.
  • I do hope you start to feel a little more positive soon hunni.

    Give yourself time to grieve and heal without feeling guilty about it.

    I hope you feel you can talk to the girls on here they are fantasic and have got me through with all the kind words xxxx
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