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miscarriage scare

Hi- I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience and what the outcome was. I started bleeding at 4am tuesday morning and rang the doctor as had dizzy spells the evening before and had tummy cramps like period pains. I ended up in hospital after the doc told me he was 90% sure I was miscarrying. When I had the scan the sonographer said that the baby's heartbeat was fine, the sac was fine and (for now ) everything looked normal. When I got home the bleeding had stopped but there was a dark brown clot and since then it is like the end of a period. I am not bleeding now and strangely my pregnancy syptoms are back( they stopped for a day or 2). No one has explained why there was any bleeding in the first place. I am at home for the next couple of days trying to take it easy as it is still only 6-7 weeks. Has anyone else experienced this? I am still really worried even though I have seen the heartbeat.
Abz xxx


  • Hi Abz
    I didn't just want to read & run
    Maybe make an appt with your gp/midwife just to put your mind at rest.
    It is very distressing when you start bleeding - I started xmas eve & was told on the 30th that I had lost the baby (there was no longer a heartbeat)
    Just take it easy hun & keep us posted

    Sending you big hugs xx
  • Thanks for your response- much appreciated! I have an appointment with the midwife next thurs so will see what she says then. I am so sorry to hear what happened to you over Christmas. I can imagine how hard that must have been. Lots of hugs back to you xxx
  • Hey abz, my heart and thoughts with you.i just wanted to tell you that you are not alone. i am with you in the same boat. i found out i was pregnant 4 days ago after 9 months of trying. i cant describe the happinnes my husband and i felt. i was having period like cramps that everone told me was normal. yesterdai i had a bhcg that was 4550 excellent fo my 4wk6days status only to start bleeding 5 hours later. i am already on progesterone supplements so the doctor told me to rest and wait because she could only see a sac by ultrasound yet no baby whicj is normal at this time. i am shattered and praying for you and me.
  • Hi abz,
    My friend had bleeding at 6wks and went for a scan where they saw a heart beat. She was told it was because her progesterone had dropped. She now has a 2yr old very active little boy! Try to get lots of rest and PMA, hopefully everything will be fine. I am afraid it is just a waiting game. But if you have had no more bleeding hopefully that is all it was. I had a MMC last yr so know what a worry it is and hard not to fear te worst. Take care.
    Lilou x
  • abz, ive had four lots of bleeding and have been told each time to go to a&e. mine started n stopped as and when it wanted to but they told me that any bleeding had to be checked out. each time i went i was given a scan so if ur worried then go in. try not to worry and keep your feet up.
    clare 22+3
  • Thankyou everyone for your replies! It is such a worrying time for everyone....I should know better as I have a little boy who is 18 months and I worried all the way through with him too. I always remember someone telling me that your job as a mum is to worry and feel guilty for everything- which is spot on. Thinking of you all xxx

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