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First day back at work

To everyone that has had thier first day back at work
I hope it al went ok i have this week off and will see how i feel at the end of this week
Helen i hope today went ok for you too.
Its hard going back to work but i guess we just have to try and keep our minds occupied.
love penny


  • Hi Penny
    Well today was really hard, everyone was so lovely wanting to know how I was but I'm a very emotional person so when people asked how I was it just made me cry.
    Anyway first day over, kids back in tomorrow so I'll be too busy to think about things.
    I hope your feeling better, dont push yourself to go back to work if your not.
    Take Care
    Love Helen
  • Glad it went ok i will also cry if people ask how iam as i too am an emotional person i have my first outing tomorrow as i have to take kids to school and face everyone in the playground seems silly but im worrying about it also my youngest first day at big school
  • hiya helen nic, glad your day went ok.
    Do you know its 10 month today since my d n c, n yesterday someone asked me if i lost a baby before xmas, and i still found it hard to say yes. My sister had the cheek to say please dont talk about it infront of me coz i get upset, but abbey doesnt care. Hope your ok x x x
  • Hi Penny & Abby
    Today was better kept busy, the little boy I work with is autistic he keeps me going. This is the 2nd yr I'v been with him, hes hard wrk but I love him to bits.

    Penny I hope tomorrow isn't too hard, I understand you being nervous the first time I went into town after my mmc I had chest pains, the nurse said it was an anxiety attack.

    I was talking to my neighbour & she told me she had 2mc 1 at a few wks, the other at 8mths. Now this was 30yrs ago & she was crying talking about it after all them yrs. I guess its something thats always going to be hard to talk about.

    Take Care
    Love Helen x x

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