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How long is hcg still present

Does anyone know how long it is normal for hcg to still be present in the urine after a curette? Sorry I am just worried that they didn't clean me out properly and I know thats probably just paranoid. I found something that said 3 weeks which would be a relief for me as I am only on day 8 after mine but I don't know if thats true. Can someone get back to me on this thread who knows for a fact how long it shopuld take if things are normal?


  • Ah finally found my answer sounds like its a for sure 2 weeks so feel a little less paranoid about that now.
  • Well i just tested negative on a HPT - my baby came out last Monday after medical management on 20th which i thought had been unsuccesful at first. (There was a small clot left over which im hopeful came out.) It would be 4 weeks ago 2mro that my baby died.
  • It would be 3 weeks for me but its only 8 days since my d&c and they say 2 weeks after the d&c is pretty normal to still have trace amounts. I think my body really didn't want to give my baby up even though it had passed. Somehow I think my body knew how much I wanted to be pregnant.

    I was glad to see you passed your baby naturally in the end. My best wishes for you as I know how much you need it. I know I do right now as its just such a roller coaster of emotions.

  • Well it wasnt exactly was very traumatic (i know all MCs are) but it took 3 weeks all in from when baby died but im just glad i didnt need the d&c...

    My body also didnt want to give my baby up - i think thats whats so hard about MMC your body doesnt want to and you have no sign anything is wrong and then your body lets you down but still wants to be pregnant and hold on to the little one for as long as possible.

    It is an emotional roller coaster and im really struggling without my mum here for support but im just trying to be positive and think that one day hopefully soon i will be a mummy as thats all i want but i miss my little one so much already and i will never replace and never forget them. I am glad to be testing negative tho as my body is at least physically starting to get back to some sort of normality now i hope....hopefully af wont take too long to appear either!

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  • Yeah you are pretty lucky with that, I was having some wierd symptoms so I thought I would test and find out if my body realises its not pregnant anymore. To be honest the line was really not faint enough for my peace of mind. I will test again in a week though and if the line is still there I am moving my appointment with my obgyn forward for sure because its pretty rediculous really to still be testing positive 8 days after the fact.
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