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Hi girls

I am in need of some advice, I had a mc coming up for nearly 4 weeks ago now, had a erpc and bleed for 2 days after but now for the last 3 days have been bleeding very lightly on and off, (no pain) could this be my first af after mc or is it to light? i thought first af would be really heavy and painful ???

Although i did lose alot of blood when i mc as i hemorrhaged

what was your first af like???

Any advice please help?????:\?


  • Hi
    My 1st AF wasn't heavy, I had bad cramps though for the 1st day, it only lasted 2dys. I was surprised coz like you thought it would be really heavy with being the 1st. I would say its AF.
    Helen x x

  • hi,

    hows you, hope you are ok. thanks for that you have put my mind at ease was beginning to worry. so cheers. xx
  • Hi
    I'm fine thanks.
    I hope your doing ok.
    Are you still worried about AF?
  • I think it depends on type of mc you have as some girls have a D&C, others have a erpc and the rest do nothing. I had a erpc but bled for 8 weeks after then stopped for 1 week before having heavy heavy af. It really upset me.
    Good luck for this month- prob just a light af for you. Hope you are feeling well enough to try again xx
  • well hun i had mmc and eprc at 3 months pregnant back in july i bled and lost lots of big clots but still my cevix was tightly closed few days later had eprc when i came round i had very light bleeding for two days which went everything was fine after a week i had period like bleeding which lasted for two whole weeks which drove me mad i think it takes at least 4 to 6 weeks for body to heal up and get back to normal after all your hormones being
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