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ERPC - Why Me?

I don't normally come onto these site's and write anything but after suffering from losing my much wanted baby i needed to speak to other people who have been there.

I already have a son who is nearly 4 and didn't plan this pregnancy at all. We were both shocked and excited to hear we were pregnant and our son took the news greatly.
The pregnancy didn't feel right from the begining, i constantly complained of cramps in the left side of my stomache, the dr's kept on saying it's probably a strain or something similar.
I had my 12 week scan and found out the baby's heart had stopped beating a couple of weeks before. I was devestated, I was at the scan with my toddler as my partner couldnt get the time off work as he had previously had 2 weeks off with a collapsed lung.

It was bad enough losing our baby but the insensitive sonographer then said to me "that's why we tell you not to bring children to the scans". I actually cant believe she said such a thing to me at that time.

I had to have an ERPC beacuse the baby wasn't going to clear naturally. I had my ERPC 2 weeks ago and i have been in agony since, i have been to the dr's a few times nagging that im in agony and every time they send me away with different painkillers that dont seem to work.
I finally went to casualty last night as the pain was unbearable and i have found out today that the ERPC wasn't successfull and i need another ERPC tomorrow.

My mental state has taken a battering and this is the last thing i need right now.
Has anyone else had to have more than one ERPC for the same miscarriage?
Why do i feel so alone? Life just doesn't seem fair.


  • Hi,

    I know exactely how you are feeling. I had a missed miscarriage in Dec followed by ERPC1... after 3 months of investigations and 'wait & see' comments they realised that they hadn't got all of the bits and that I had to have a second erpc in March.
    I still have down days but am gradually feeling more optimistic.
    Take care & remember that you aren't on your own xxx
  • I am sorry to hear about what happened to you. I havent had an ERPC. I had a miscarriage on the 29/04/08 (2 weeks ago). I went for a scan afterwards and they said that there was still something left to some out but that it would happen naturally. I am still in pain now and spotting though, so i don't know whether maybe I also need to go in for an ERPC. I shall give it a couple of days and see. I have heard of other people going for more than one ERPC - it is because it is a 'blind' procedure and they can't see if they have completed it fully when doing it.
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