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Getting pg after a mmc


I had a mmc last week and at first my hubby wanted to wait to ttc til after my af. After much persuading he has now agreed that we should start trying this weekend!!: I'm just bit worried that if I catch this soon I may miscarry again. Does anybody have any info on this?
Good luck to anyone else who is trying.

Lv Lucxxxx


  • I mc in decemeber and we decided to tttc again once i stopped bleeding and just see what happend- its a personal choice and i know many people decide to wait and give their bodies to heal.

    There is no more risk of miscarrying if you fall straight away that if u waited and many people say that u are actually more fertile becuase ur body is all ready for pg.

    Good luck honey what ever u decide.
  • I had a miscarriage and waited 1 month before trying again. It took four months in the end, which probably meant that my body needed that long to recover. Everyone is different though, so you have to do what's best for you. Good Luck XXX
  • hya chick i mc in dec i waited til aftrer my first af i olny dun this b-cz i cdnt bare to mc agen hope this helps x good luckimage
  • How long did the bleeding last for after mc and how long has everyone waited until they got their first period after mc?

    I had a miscarriage last week, and can't wait to try again.

  • FAO Susan (sevans). My bleeding lasted for about 2 weeks, then got my period 4 weeks later. Start ttc after that. I was too scared of having another mc to try any earlier. XXX
  • FAO Susan:- My bleeding lasted for a week and I started trying 4 days after bleeding had finished.
    Good luck
  • I had a miscarriage Sept '99 ( ages ago I know ), we started trying again straight away and I found I was pregnant on 23rd Dec '99. Everything went fine and that baby is now a cheeky 8yr old.
    I was not advised to wait before trying to conceive, I think it's a personal thing, just whenever you feel up to it in yourself.

    Big love and good luck xx
  • As a few people have said, it is a personal thing. I miscarried back in September, and like you, I wanted to try asap for another baby. Two months later, I started bleeding in the middle of my cycle, which was unusual. When I went to my GP, she did a pregnancy test and told me I was pregnant. Because of the bleeding, she referred me to an early pregnancy unit. After a scan and blood tests, we found out it was an ectopic pregnancy. We had blood tests every 2 days for a month to check my hcg levels. I was "lucky" because I had a tubal abortion (where my body was getting rid of the ectopic pregnancy naturally) and I did not need any intervention. However, we have now been told to wait a few months before ttc. I just want to have a healthy pregnancy. I now wish I had waited a bit longer after our miscarriage before trying again. Good luck whatever you decide.
  • i had a miscarriage just over 2 weeks ago that was my second i want another baby so bad i already have 1 son hes 6 but i think if i get pregnant again will i miscarry again did anyone fall straight after a miscarriage
  • Hi all

    Just wanted to add my thoughts on this subject too, I had a mc in November at 12 weeks with twins, and was pretty poorly, then i found out last weekend that i was pg again......only to mc again on wednesday. I went to the docs today to advise him of the short pg and mc and he said that it is best to give your body 3 months to recover from a mc, although it does depend how many weeks you are when you at 12 weeks in Nov, he said my body still needed more time to recover.

    So i really think it is down to how your own body reacts to a mc and my doc also said that there is a much greater risk of miscarrying again if you fall pregnant again quickly.

    I'm going to leave it for a good 3-6 months, which makes me feel that time is running out, but i might have more chance of maintaining a pg in 6 months time, rather than risking more mc's and never fully recovering.

    Just want to have fun trying!

  • Hya i mc in oct 07 at 7weeks was told to wait at least a month before trying again but found out i was pg again 3week after and im 14weeks now. Doctor thinks i mc because of my blood building up antibodies coz i am rhsnegtaive blood group. Anyone else had a problem because having this blood group?

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  • Hi,
    i had a mmc at 8 1/2 weeks in June 2007. This was my first pregnancy. To my amazement I must have fallen pregnant again about 2 weeks after the D&C . I am now due in 27 days time :0
    I have to admit I have spent most of this pregnancy worrying the same thing would happen again.
    Only you and your other half will know if you are ready to try again. I would have waited a couple of months , but am really happy that I did fall as I am 37 and had been trying for a long time to conceive.
    I did feel down in January when baby would have been due, but was lucky to know I had the gift of Twinkle waiting to arrive.
    Good Luck, hugs,
    Mary & twinkle xx
  • how soon did you get any symptoms when you fell pregnant after the miscarriage
  • Well hubbie and I started ttc nearly 3 weeks ago. Iv'e been having soe symptons in the last week or so that are very similar to my last pregnancy. I might do a test this saturday but not sure if it is too early?
    Fingers crossed anyway!!
  • Good luck I hope you get a bfp. Keep us posted on how you get on x
  • i think im gonna wait till monday to do a test then it will be 4 weeks since i miscarried il keep you posted fingers crossed for everyone whos trying;)
  • HI Vicky,
    I started getting symptoms about 5 weeks after, but something inside me just thought am I, could I ? If that makes sense. I had sore boobs and wanted pineapple which I don't normally eat. Before I mc I ate loads of it, but have avoided it up until now as it is said to bring on contractions and early labour if you eat a lot of it.
    Mary and Twinkle 36+ 4 days
  • i couldnt wait till monday to do a test i did one today and it was negative i dont no if it was to early il just have to wait to see if i have a period
  • I did the same think Vicky so don't worry. I'm goint to leave it a few more days and try again. Fingers crossed for us both. Seems like we are going through exactly the same!!
  • hi everyone i m/c on the 29th of jan this year i was 12 weeks, i bled for 2 weeks and now 2 weeks later i just started bleeding again not sure if it is my period or what, just wood like to no if this has happened to anyone else and when they got pregnant again, we really want to get pregnant asap. thanks and sorry for everyone's loses.
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